Flail mower RMS

Silhouette of the RMS

An exceptional shredder for large grain farms

The RMS 820 shredder with a working width of 8.20 m is ideal for intensive work on large areas. It is suitable for high-power tractors of up to 450 hp.

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Shredding crop residues after harvest is essential for many reasons. Many crops carry risks of contamination by mycotoxins such as durum wheat, winter soft wheat, triticale, oats, rye, corn or sorghum. Shredding is also a solution to destroy breeding environments for pests and diseases between crops. Finally, you also ensure the establishment of the next crop by shredding your previous crop residues because undecomposed stubble can have an impact on the germination evenness and therefore on the development of your next crop. Thanks to shredding you also benefit from an interesting ecological alternative to the destruction of plant or intermediate crops compared to the use of plant care products.
RMS at work

Your benefits

Capitalize on familiar benefits of KUHN shredders

RMS 820 field shredder designed for shredding in intensive conditions

A machine designed to face high stress

The RMS 820 shredder is ideal for intensive work on large areas, subjecting the machine to high stresses. Apart from that, you can count on the familiar KUHN assets such as the large-diameter rotor with helical
tool layout and high tool speeds for superior shredding quality. The shredding height is controlled by four
pivoting wheels.

A reliable machine to eat up hectares

Robust and rigid welded chassis of the RMS 820 field shredder

A robust and rigid welded chassis

The welded chassis is made up of four beams for increased rigidity: one front, one upper, and two lower beams. In addition, the structure components are very thick and an interchangeable sheet metal lining is bolted to the chassis.

Well distributed power transmission

Thanks to their double drive, power transmission distribution to the drive components is improved. On each side the rotor is driven by six SPBX high-capacity belts, which are fitted with an automatic tensioning device.
Power transmission well distributed to the drive components of the RMS 820 field shredder

An innovative transport solution

Safe and practical transport of RMS 820 field shredders

Practical and safe transport

For a machine of this size, innovative transport solutions have to be found. On the RMS 820 both the hydraulic transport device and the hydraulic drawbar are fitted with double acting cylinders with pilot-operated valves. Both safe and practical!
RMS 820 field shredder at work in a corn field (shredding)


Technical characteristics

Working width (m)
Overall width (m)
Outer rotor diameter (mm)
Tool linear speed (540 rpm/1000 rpm in m/s)
Overall width (m) with wheels/roller
Number of Y knives
Number of counter-knives
Reinforcing plate
Skid kit
Working height adjustment
PTO speed (min-1)
Free wheel integrated in the central gearbox
Number of belts
Belt type
Rotor speed (min-1)
Minimum power allowable at gearbox (kW)
Minimum power allowable at gearbox (hp)
Maximum power allowable at gearbox (kW)
Maximum power allowable at gearbox (hp)
Setting into transport position
Required tractor hydraulic connections
Weight with equipment (kg)
RMS 820
Lengthways transport - drawbar
1 straight
As standard
As standard - side
By 4 semi-pivoting wheels
10.0/80-12 10 PR
As standard
3-point - Cat. 3 or 4 - Quick-hitch compatible
Hydraulic lengthways transport system
1 DA