Self-propelled fertiliser spreader ACCURA ST

Details of ACCURA ST machine

Perfect spread of fertilisers and seeds

With a reservoir of 5 or 7 m3, this self-propelled fertiliser spreader works with precision in an application range of up to 42 m, with regulation that stands out for its easy handling.

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The self-propelled fertilizer spreader Accura ST works with a distribution range of up to 42 meters, equipped with an electronic motor of 220 hp in the 5 m³ version and 260 hp in the 7 m³ version. To minimize the corrosive effect of fertilizer, its hopper is made of stainless steel, as well as its chassis, platform and handrail. Besides, it has the Belt Free system, which ensures constant feeding of the spreading discs, in addition to the exclusive Coaxial Distribution Adjustment System (CDA) to facilitate application rate regulation and to perform accurate fertilizer and seed spreading.
ACCURA ST at work

Your benefits

Coaxial distribution adjustment system - CDA

Coaxial distribution adjustment system - CDA

CDA: unmatched accuracy

Different fertilizers, variable application rates, multiple working widths - your fertilizer spreader must adapt quickly to different needs. The coaxial distribution adjustment system - CDA, part of the Accura ST fertilizer spreader, helps address these challenges by providing easy adjustments. There are two important features that make the CDA system unique: ## NewLine##
  1. At the base of the hopper, the outlet allows quick adaptation to various fertilizers and working widths, adjusting the fertilizer drop point on the distribution discs.
  2. Specially designed measuring sockets, close to the center of the discs, allow multiple supply points on the blades, ensuring a constant fertilizer flow and a uniform pattern. In addition, the working width can be changed in a few seconds: just rotate the hopper base to change the fertilizer drop point on the disc. This operation is simple and does not require the use of tools.

Extra-slow agitator

The Accura ST fertilizer spreader is equipped with a unique type of agitator, 100% sealed, which regulates the supply of fertilizer and seeds to the machine's outlets, providing improved distribution flow. Besides, the agitators used in the Accura ST preserve the fertilizer's physical characteristics, as they rotate at just 17 rpm. Granules are handled smoothly, significantly reducing mechanical damage, in addition to preventing the formation of dust. The preservation of the fertilizer's characteristics is extremely important, as it allows the system to achieve perfect spreading.

More accuracy with the Accura ST guiding brush

Adjustment of the uniform spreading pattern takes place by means of a lever that adjusts the fertilizer drop point on the spreading disc. To ensure an accurate drop point, guiding brushes accompany the fertilizer flow until it drops onto the pallets. These brushes are already assembled in the distributor's coaxial spread adjustment system - CDA, thus, they do not require adjustments for each equipment use, ensuring its integrity. They are also important because, in addition to minimizing the influence of the wind and preventing the fertilizer from bouncing off the disc, they prevent the segregation of particles during application.
Guiding brush

Reduced turbulence

The harmonic alignment of Airfins deflectors on Accura ST self-propelled fertilizer and seed spreader discs reduces unwanted air turbulence generated by rotating discs, ensuring smooth and accurate distribution, even with pressure sensitive granules. In addition, grain crushing or breaking effects are reduced to a minimum, while the high disc speed is maintained, ensuring that the grain or seed reaches an ideal initial speed. Accura 14000 fixed blades also work to ensure spreading precision and uniformity: even the most delicate fertilizer is able to maintain its flight properties. It is noteworthy that all distribution discs available for the Accura 14000 have these characteristics, what varies is the size of the blade that determines the application width.
Airfin deflector

Premium features integrated on all machines

Protection grids

Protection grids

The protection grids used in the Accura ST spreader hopper help prevent the entry of impurities and the agglomeration of inputs that may damage the belt or other components. They can be removed quickly, since they are modular: formed by 4 screens of the same size. Besides, Accura ST is fitted with chains located before the limestone module, which allow separating the limestone to achieve a more uniform spread. Also, the two protective deflectors of the belt, arranged in the longitudinal direction related to the machine's direction of travel, prevent excessive pressure of the product (fertilizer) on the belt during spreading, increasing its service life, as well as the drive system's longevity.

Hopper access

To ensure operator safety and accessibility to the main hopper, the Accura ST self-propelled fertilizer spreader has several features, namely: a) a tilting ladder with a hand grip, located on the front of the machine, which, is retractable for transport and during operation; b) a high-resistance non-slip platform, which provides safety to the operator against falling and sliping when checking the spreader main hopper; and c) a handrail with a rounded bar and a smooth surface installed on the non-slip platform, which aims to reduce the risk of accidents with people, preventing them from falling off the machine.
Access platform

Hopper cover

The Accura ST self-propelled fertilizer spreader has a protective cover located on the side of the hopper, which is manually activated directly from the ground by the operator. This cover is essential for protecting the product from impurities entering in the hopper, humidity, rain, among others, providing peace of mind to the farmer with regards to the various weather conditions. In addition, the high quality of its material ensures long durability, especially when regular maintenance measures are observed (such as periodic cleaning, for example), resulting in an excellent cost-benefit to the Accura ST. It is an easy-to-handle cover, which stands out for its versatility, in addition to being manufactured in a practical material, which makes cleaning easier.
Hopper cover

MWM engine

Equipped with a 6-cylinder MWM 6.12 TCE engine, the Accura ST self-propelled fertilizer spreader meets pollutant emission control standards MAR-I. In addition, the ST 5000 model comes with 220 hp and optional for 260 hp, while the ST 7000 version comes with 260 hp. Added to this, the fact that the 12-cylinder engine of the six-cylinder series has features such as electronic injection system (Common Rail) and standard equipment: starter motor, alternator, electrical harness for interface with equipment and fuel prefilter with water level sensor.
MWM engine

On-board intelligence

GFX-750 and NAV-900 terminal

GFX-750 and NAV-900 terminal

The Accura ST comes equipped with the 10.1-inch GFX-750 terminal managing the autopilot control. In addition, it has the intuitive Precision-IQ™ environment and allows adding features according to the needs of your operation, making the use of the equipment more flexible. With multiple ways to connect, you can transfer files between vehicles and the office quickly and easily, as it works with built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. In addition, it accompanies the GNSS receiver NAV-900, which provides the self-propelled fertilizer spreader Accura ST with greater signal stability due to the monitoring of more constellations and a greater number of satellites, enabling more efficient performance in difficult environments and also a faster RTX convergence time.

KUHN Telemetry

KUHN Telemetry provides assistance in decision making to help you follow the applications with the available maps. Organize the logistics of your operations, using information such as machine location, machine times (work, travel, supply and idle engine), trail, geolocation of stops with time duration. Diagnose faults in a timely manner through the machine's alert reports, optimizing performance and extending the service life. The information can be accessed by smartphone or computer, and everything is shown in an intuitive and simple way, to make your life easier. It is the tool you need to make optimize your time and increase the profitability of your business!
KUHN Telemetry

Belt Free System - BF (Free belt)

The control hopper of the Accura fertilizer and seed spreader has two sensors that identify the pre-selected maximum and minimum product levels, so that when the product reaches the minimum level, automatically, the belt starts to fill up the control hopper to the preset maximum value. This way, it is possible to obtain great savings with respect to the belt wear, since it is only activated when necessary, differently from what happens in competing machines. In addition, the CDA system of the Accura ST distributes the product dose through horizontal outlets controlled by electric actuators, which ensures constant application rates: other machines, on up or down sections, can move more product to the control hopper, causing product overdosing or underdosing in the applied area.
Sensors actuating the belt




Technical characteristics

Engine power (Kw)
Fuel tank capacity (L)
Ground clearance (m)
Height (m)
Hopper height (m)
Hopper capacity (L)
Hopper material
Length (m)
Minimum and maximum application rate (Kg/ha)
Precision agriculture
Suspension system
Weight (Kg)
Wheel track (m)
Width (m)
MWM 7,2 liters turbo MWM 7,2 liters turbo
161,8 / 191,2 (Optional) 191,2
300 300
1,58 (R38 tires ) / 1,69 ( R46 tires) 1,24
4,19 (R38 tires ) / 4,30 ( R46 tires) 3,80
3,47 (R38 tires ) / 3,58 ( R46 tires) 3,33
5.000 7.000
Stainless steel Stainless steel
8,77 8,77
From 10 kg/ha to 3.000 kg/ha From 10 kg/ha to 3.000 kg/ha
GPS, automatic spread control, section control, hydraulic auto steering, fixed and variable rate GPS, automatic spread control, section control, hydraulic auto steering, fixed and variable rate
Active pneumatic springs Active pneumatic springs
Hydrostatic - Full time 4WD - double pump Hydrostatic - Full time 4WD - double pump
IF340/85 R38 / IF380/90 R46 IF380/90 R46
10.500 10.500
Hydraulic adjustable from 2,80 to 3,50 Hydraulic adjustable from 2,80 to 3,50
3,30 3,30