Fertiliser spreader ACCURA 1600

Details of ACCURA 1600 machine

An accurate fertiliser spreader with unique application rate control

With easy adjustments, the ACCURA 1600 provides unique application rate control, ensuring total quality in the spreading of fertilisers.

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The Accura 1600 fertilizer spreader offers excellent application rate control, high quality spreading patterns and easy adjustments. This simple and affordable machine helps to maximize the yield potential of your crops, reducing input costs. Compact and maneuverable, the Accura 1600 fertilizer spreader is a great option for mixed farms, special crops and operations with grain crops in smaller areas, providing working widths ranging from 12 to 36 meters, with precise rate control. Besides, it has the exclusive coaxial distribution adjustment system - CDA, which ensures better uniformity.
ACCURA 1600 at work

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Coaxial distribution adjustment system - CDA

Coaxial distribution adjustment CDA

CDA: unmatched accuracy

Different fertilizers, variable application rates, multiple working widths - your fertilizer spreader must adapt quickly to different needs. The coaxial distribution adjustment system - CDA, part of the Accura 1600 fertilizer spreader, helps address these challenges by providing easy adjustments. There are two important features that make the CDA system unique: ## NewLine##
  1. At the base of the hopper, the outlet allows quick adaptation to various fertilizers and working widths, adjusting the drop point of fertilizer on the distribution discs.
  2. Specially designed measuring sockets, close to the center of the discs, allow multiple supply points on the blades, ensuring a constant fertilizer flow and a uniform pattern. In addition, the working width of the Accura 1600 can be changed in a few seconds: just rotate the hopper base to change the fertilizer drop point on the disc. This operation is simple and does not require the use of tools.

Extra-slow agitator

The Accura 1600 fertilizer spreader is equipped with a unique type of agitator, 100% sealed, which regulates the supply of fertilizer and seeds to the machine's outlets, providing improved distribution flow. Besides, the agitators used in the Accura 1600 help keep the physical characteristics of the fertilizer intact, as they rotate at just 17 rpm. Granules are handled smoothly, significantly reducing mechanical damage, in addition to preventing the formation of dust. Preserving the fertilizer's characteristics is extremely important, as it allows the system to achieve perfect spreading.

Reduced turbulence

The harmonic alignment of Airfin deflectors on the Accura 1600 fertilizer and seed spreader discs reduces unwanted air turbulence generated by the rotating discs, ensuring smooth and accurate distribution, even with pressure sensitive granules. In addition, grain crushing or breaking effects are reduced to a minimum, while the high disc speed (900 rpm) is maintained, ensuring that the grain or seed reaches an ideal initial speed. The fixed blades also work to promote spreading precision and uniformity: even the most delicate fertilizer is able to maintain its flight properties. It is noteworthy that all distribution discs available for the Accura 1600 have these characteristics, what varies is the size of the blade that determines the application width.
Airfin deflector

Durable components ensure long service life

Spreader gearbox

Mechanical drive

A highly durable, maintenance-free drive easily accessible from the machine rear, mechanically drives the spreading discs and agitator. To ensure the best functioning of the system, the Accura 1600 fertilizer and seed spreader is equipped with a cardan shaft produced by the German company Walterscheid - Eaton, whose protection against accidents is essential for the operator's safety. The Giro Livre safety device, for example, is a system that is activated when the PTO is disconnected from the tractor, generating a residual inertia movement of the implement's moving components. In this case, the free rotation absorbs the torque generated by the inertial movement coming from the implement, preventing mechanical damage to the tractor, the implement or the cardan itself.

ISOBUS electronic actuation

Operators have the ability to "plug and play" with existing ISOBUS virtual terminals for maximum efficiency. Accura is variable-rate-ready without the need for an additional application rate controller. The Raven CR7 and Trimble GFX-750 terminals are available as optional items on the fertilizer spreader.
The ISOBUS terminals of the Accura 1600 fertilizer and seed spreader together with Rauch software, electronically adjust the opening position of the outlets to maintain a consistent flow rate in relation to its speed. This technology allows work for spreading with a variable range. Thus, during fertilizer spreading, you are able to: modify the application rate, simultaneously close the outlets with a simple touch of the button and quickly empty any product that is left in the hopper at the end of the day.
ISOBUS electronic actuation

Easily make adjustments from inside the cab