Fertiliser spreader ACCURA 1200

Details of ACCURA 1200 machine

High precision in fertiliser spreading

The ACCURA 1200 fertiliser spreader offers a simple, integrated solution for a variety of operations. This includes specific crops, such as vineyards, orchards and vegetables, as well as grain farms and fields with forage.

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Accura 1200, designed with a maximum volumetric capacity of 1,200 liters and a working width ranging from 10 to 24 meters, is a fertilizer spreader with a long service life and low maintenance. In addition, it offers the Direct Flow Control graduated plate (DFC), which facilitates application rate adjustment and performs accurate fertilizer and seed distribution. With adjustable pallets, the discs of the Multi-Disc system (MDS) are capable of spreading all types of granulated fertilizer, small seeds, slug and snail baits, in addition to cover crop seeds with high precision and wide distribution pattern.
ACCURA 1200 at work

Your benefits

Consistent and accurate performance

Spreading disc

Multi-Disc System (MDS)

Accura 1200 MDS spreading discs provide consistent and accurate performance when applying fertilizer to early, medium and late cycle crops, as well as optimize distribution at the borders. In addition, MDS operates with exact spreading patterns for different fertilizer and seeds from crops and forage. For your comfort, all this is possible without the removal or exchange of discs or blades at predefined working widths. Furthermore, depending on the type of material and the working width, the blade length and orientation of the Accura 1200 fertilizer spreader can be precisely adjusted with a wrench that is supplied with the machine: thanks to its well-marked three-dimensional position indicator, the definition of the blades occurs quickly and easily. As for configurations, M1C discs, for example, are included as standard for working widths from 10 m to 18 m. The installation of M1XC blades allows the Accura 1200 to have a working width of 20 m to 24 m in many products, without reducing the quality of the distribution. Finally, the fact that stainless steel blades are also treated with a chromium carbide coating is an important feature for obtaining significantly longer service times.

Triangular spreading profile

The Accura 1200's triangular distribution pattern is consistent, a feature that reduces the impact of driving errors or incorrect adjustments. In addition, the overlapping method used doubles your protection against product overdosing or underdosing, taking advantage of the natural spreading pattern created by KUHN's double disc fertilizer spreaders, which were designed to provide high precision distribution. Let's look at this example: when the operator sets the total spreading width to 24 meters, the Accura 1200 distributes 100% of the product over a working width of 12 meters and 50% of the dose over the other 12 meters. This way, when the fertilizer spreader returns on the other line, it completes the other 50% that were missing.
Spreading profile

Accura 1200 application rate control

DFC graduated plate

Direct Flow Control graduated plate - DFC

The distribution of Accura 1200 fertilizers was designed to facilitate the daily life of operators, therefore, this fertilizer spreader allows changing the application rate of a field or a product in a much simpler way, since the amount of pre-selected distribution in the direct flow control (DFC) graduated plate grid can be continuously adjusted from 3 kg per hectare. It is also noteworthy that all this occurs without the need to use any extra equipment. The principle is very simple: the opening position is modified according to the same percentage of the application rate, thus, increasing the opening by 10% means a 10% higher application rate.

Outlet opening control

The outlet is opened hydraulically and individually, both to the left and to the right. The hydraulic hoses of the Accura 1200 fertilizer spreader are coupled to the tractor, thus, the opening control of the two hydraulic valves is carried out from inside the tractor. It is recommended to clean the terminals of the hydraulic hoses before use so that oil contamination does not occur. In addition, the terminals of the tractor must be identical to those of the spreader. Furthermore,for better preservation of the Accura 1200 hydraulic components, it is advised to avoid sudden changes in speed and operating modes.
Hydraulic control

Built to last, long-lasting components

Spreading gearbox

Reinforced and oil-bathed drive

KUHN's Accura 1200 is a long-life fertilizer spreader, even if exposed to the most difficult working conditions. Such longevity is ensured by the agitator shaft made of heat-treated stainless steel, and especially by its reinforced and oil-bathed drive manufactured by the German company Rauch: designed for the first oil change to take place within 200 hours and maintenance level every 500 hours. Also, to ensure the best system operation, Accura 1200 comes standard with a cardan shaft produced by the Italian company Bondioli & Pavesi, whose protection against accidents is essential for the operator's safety.

High quality finish

Accura 1200 has a 100% recyclable hopper, a great solution for the farmer. The spreader plastic hopper is made of polyethylene through the rotational molding process in one piece: perfectly smooth, seamless and no sharp edges. They are easy to clean, hygienic, non-toxic, resistant to the vast majority of chemicals and weather. Noncorrosive, they almost never need maintenance. In addition, as they are translucent, the Accura 1200's hopper does not need a sight glass.
Translucent hopper

Accura with rotomolded hopper