A complete range for roads, verges and field edges


Shredding has several benefits from the field to the landscape

From the farmer's and municipality's points of view, shredding has several benefits:

  • Controlling weeds: weeds migrate from the border into the field and spread over the whole plot. Mowing field edges prevents weeds from spreading to the established crop.
  • A solution to the ban on plant-protection products: shredding is an excellent and environmentally-friendly alternative to weed management. It is necessary in areas where plant-protection products are forbidden: river banks and streams, ecological areas or with environmental contracts, residential areas...
  • Ensure an easy field access: tall grasses on field edges impair its accessibility, meaning that a pass with the shredder may be an indispensable measure before entering the field.
  • Pruning of hedges: cutting back hedges doesn´t mean destroying them, but to maintain and limit them to where they can fulfil their conservation functions. Hedges, which slowly grow into the field or too close to the road edge, serve nobody in a positive way.
  • Ensure driver visibility: in spring and summer, each car driver can probably list one or the other turn or crossing, where he/she is not able to overlook the complete traffic situation well, because tall grasses block the view. As soon as the visibility of road users is reduced, local authorities have to meet their obligations in terms of road safety and mow road verges.
  • In the field, fine shredding and a uniform distribution are key points to accelerate decomposition and conversion into humus, to provide favorable conditions for uniform germination of the subsequent crop, and to control certain pests, diseases and weeds.



Offset arm verge shredders : focus on versatility

TB, TBE and TBES shredders are compelling in their versatility of use. Whether fighting weeds on field verges, maintaining grassy strips, ditches or banks or shredding the annual hedge growth – there is a solution for everyone. In diverse situations, they carry out a reliable job, supported by their sturdy design and safety features to avoid damage. Their work output will enable you to perform work in record time.


The TB series 10 shredder range includes three models with working widths of 1.40, 1.60 and 1.80 m. These machines are designed for grassy areas, parks and gardens. TB series 10 tools are light enough to be coupled to low-powered tractors (only 40 hp) and versatile enough to take care of all types of landscape maintenance.


Maintenance work on a farm encompasses most different situations and conditions, but will mostly be carried out in grassy areas on an irregular basis. The TB 100 Select series meets these versatile farmer´s requirements in verge, ditch and bank shredding. The shredders can be hitched behind tractors of only 60 to 80hp.


The TBE 10 series is also designed for individual farms that need a versatile shredder to keep their field borders, hedges and other grassy areas tidy. An impressive offset feature ensures immaculate work between trees.


The TBES 10 series completes the KUHN verge shredder range of multi-purpose machines, adding one important feature: its externally fitted gearbox. Farmers looking for a large offset to maintain their verges and ditches will find its kinematics very practical. In addition, these models boast all of the same great features that characterize TBE 10 shredders.


TBE 102 series shredders have been specially designed for farmers and machinery cooperatives to meet the changing practices in farming and landscape maintenance. These heavy-duty shredders are made for higher workloads. With working widths of 1.79 to 2.30 m, they efficiently take care of field edges and paths, as well as fallow land and grassy areas.


Comparably versatile and performing in its use as the TBE 102 models, the working width of the new TBES 102 range extends even further. Three models with 2.14, 2.30 and 2.50m are available, recommended for tractors from 90 to 180hp. Due to their specific design they can be used with wider tractors. You have the same features and choice of knives as on the TBE 102 series.


With KUHN multipurpose shredders, you have a range of shredders suitable for individual crop and livestock farms and local authorities for daily shredding operations. Smaller ones are designed for shredding all kinds of grassy areas, from managing weeds at the edge of fields to maintenance work on pastures or the upkeep of parks and gardens. Larger ones are perfect for maintaining pastures and fallow land, but also for destroying intermediate crops and plant cover.


The range for lighter jobs with both rear (BP) and reversible (BPR) versions with working widths from 2.10 to 3.03 m. BP 10 and BPR 10 series shredders are designed for shredding all kinds of grassy areas, from managing weeds at the edge of fields to maintenance work on pastures or the upkeep of parks and gardens. This multipurpose shredder is excellent value for money for individual crop and livestock farms and local authorities for daily shredding operations. With their front and rear-mount options and lateral offset feature, BPR 10 series models are the perfect solution for diverse conditions and difficult-to-access corners.


The standard multipurpose KUHN shredders in rear (BP 100) and reversible versions (BPR 100) with working widths from 2.10 to 3.03m. Offering versatility with the offset possibility, adjustable rear hood, and different tools to choose from, the BP shredder is able to meet very varied applications such as maintenance of pasture land, orchards, unsown areas, but also shredding crop residues or intermediate crops. With a reversible BPR shredder you can enjoy the benefits of maintaining pastures and fallow land! However, it will also enable you to shred crop residues. When in frontal position, the tractor does not drive over the plants providing smoother shredding action. A BPR fits all tractors and can be coupled at the front or rear. Work can also be done with a front and rear combination including the KUHN verge maintenance equipment or hedge and grass cutters.



Designed for intensive work with tractors of high power requirements, BPR 100 PRO models, available in widths of 2.80 and 3.05m, can be easily attached to the front or rear. Featuring a powerful gearbox and an attachment higher than the BPR 100, this model has been specifically designed for intensive use with high horsepower tractors. It shreds everything from grass to crop residues and cover crops.


Contractors or large-farm owners need impressive output rates with large working widths for maintaining pasture, fallow land, grassy areas, plant cover (mustard, phacelia...) as well as shredding crop residues and maize stubble. This shredder with two lateral shredding units combined with a central front unit offering 8.30 m wide working width is designed for these purposes. The BP 8300 multipurpose shredder is made for you. This rear butterfly unit is used together with a front BPR PRO shredder to meet the need of a performing and well-balanced front/rear combination for high output. As a triple combination with a BPR 280 PRO or BPR 305 PRO, output rates are impressive with working widths reaching 8.30 m. The large width shredders can shred a large quantity of vegetation, even at high speed.