20 years Bale-In-One – Customer testimonials

The BIO celebrates its 20th anniversary. This unique baler-wrapper combination has a large and dedicated customer base all around the world. Read some of their stories and discover what made them choose the Bale-in-One concept and what their experiences are.

The wrapping ring with two integrated pre-stretchers.

The BIO is our ideal combination baler in all crop and ground conditions, for nearly 20 years!

Paul Hostettler, Hinterfultigen, Switzerland, Dairy farming and agricultural contracting, Ca. 2.000 bales per year, BIO user since 2004

KUHN i-BIO 20 years ago

We have been owners of a BIO baler-wrapper since it was established on the market. We bought our first BIO in 2004. In 2011 we traded it in for a new one. With this machine we produced more than 22.000 bales. Last year we purchased our third, the newest KUHN i-BIO+ was delivered to us. I’m sure that with this new generation baler, we will continue to produce high quality forage in the future.

For us the BIO is the ideal combi machine to work on all ground conditions. It is lightweight and extremely maneuverable due to its single axle design; this makes it a very capable baler on steeper grounds. The unique Bale-In-One concept enables both baling and wrapping operations to be combined within one machine. Therefore, we only need one tractor and one operator to do the job. The KUHN INTEGRAL ROTOR system offers an enormous and unmatched throughput capacity which we are very impressed by.

I produce good quality forage thanks to the unique film binding system.

Euros Puw, Parc, North Wales, UK, Contracting, Ca. 5.500 bales per year (with i-BIO+ and FB 3135 together), BIO user since 2020

BIO_20Years_web news user stories_EurosPuw

My main aim is to produce good quality bales and good quality forage. By using the film binding system on the i-BIO+ machine I reach all those objectives!

I was interested in film binding because I could see the advantages of having extra layers of wrap to protect the crop. The KUHN concept uses the normal 750 mm wrap for binding. We can have a pallet of normal wrap that will do the film binding and the wrapping and this film is recyclable. This made me purchase the i-BIO+ in January 2020.

Film binding is really taking hold, more and more customers want it. Last year I produced  some bales with net wrap, but this year every bale will be bound with film.

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My baling and wrapping operations have become far more efficient.


Artur Lubowicki, Podlaskie Voivodship, Poland, Dairy and beef cattle farming, Ca. 1.000 haylage bales per year plus some straw bales, BIO user since 2011

BIO_20Years_web news user stories_Artur Lubowicki

I've been using the i-BIO baler wrapper for 11 years. Back then, I didn't expect my 113 hp tractor to be able to handle a baler. After talking to a KUHN dealer, I found out that they had a baler on the market with a low horsepower requirement and that my tractor would be able to operate it comfortably. This combined with a low curb weight, wide floatation tyres, compact size and I liked the idea of a single-chamber wrapping system. I was convinced the i-BIO would improve and optimise the harvesting process whilst maintaining forage quality.

The versatility of the baler is valuable to me. With its low weight of 3.7 t, the machine operates as a baler-wrapper but it can also work as a standard baler at the same time, for example for dry material harvesting. Large wide-track wheels and low center of gravity make it easy to work on challenging conditions. My model features a wide pick-up and a 14-knife OPTICUT rotor. The wider pick-up improves throughput to generate that desired bale formation and density, whilst the OPTICUT rotor, enables the forage to be chopped to a desired length.

My fellow farmers, who also own i - BIO balers, have noted that it considerably shortens the TMR (Total Mixed Ration) preparation time. If I were to buy another baler-wrapper in the future, I think I would go for the new i-BIO+ model.