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Good habits

Careful adjustment and correct use of implements = up to 15 to 30 % reduction in fuel used!

Good working habits that can aid fuel efficiency…

Sensible speed:
- The way you drive can lead to significant fuel savings: reducing speed by 10km/h can result in a 20% fuel saving. It is up to you to control your 'revs'!
- Think about your working speed: fuel consumption is closely related to working speed.

Good conditions:
- Where possible, only work on ground that is able to withstand the pressure: this will reduce slipping and pull-power requirement;
- Use the equipment as instructed by the manufacturer: for example with regard to working depth;
- Work in optimum conditions: working the ground in dry conditions uses much less power than doing it when the ground is still wet.

Match the tractor to the equipment:
- Use engines at a lower speed: this will result in a more fuel efficient power-take-off;
- Ensure good implement/tractor compatibility: be aware of the different categories;
- Use the correct tyre size and pressure;
- For ploughing or deep soil work, work at a high speed and keep to the rated frequency of the tractor: this can save up to 1 litre/hour.

The benefits of KUHN can be seen in our whole range

Kuhn featuresKuhn advantages
Good machine maintenance, especially regular greasing, means less energy consumption - Easy access to and reduction in number of greasing points.
Correct adjustment of the machine for the work concerned reduces energy consumption- Many and easy adjustments e.g. rotation frequency of power harrows, adjustment of suspension on trailed mower-conditioners.
- Reduced friction from improved contour following: mower suspension, Gyrorakes with tangential double-curved tine arms, quality suspension (pendulum type 3D suspension).
Think about working depth: fuel consumption is related to the volume of soil worked (working depth)- Working depth adjustment is easy with pin positioning of the roller for power harrows, easy adjustment of MIXTER and DISCOVER harrows.
Easier manoeuvres result in less fuel consumption- Mowers with GYRODINE headstock, design of seed drill drawbars.





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