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Mower Conditioners

KUHN uses its technological innovations to help you harvest the fruits of your investment as quickly as possible. KUHN’s mower-conditioners help to reduce drying time by incorporating flexible flail fingers and rollers. The KUHN range of mower-conditioners also incorporates the LIFT-CONTROL® suspension system which allows the mowing unit to adapt perfectly to different types of terrain – this in turn helps to preserve the crop’s nutritional quality.

Mounted Disc Mower Conditioners
FC 244
FC 284
FC 3115
FC 314
Front Mounted Disc Mower Conditioners
FC 3125 F
FC 3525 F
Center Pivot Disc Mower Conditioner
FC 3161 TCD RA
FC 3161 TC
FC 3561 TCD RA
FC 3561 TC
FC 4061 TC
FC 4461 TC
Side Pull Disc Mower Conditioner
FC 302 G/RG
FC 352 G/RG
FC 2861 TL
FC 3161 TL
FC 3561 TL
Triple Gang Disc Mower Conditioners
FC 10030
FC 8830 D
FC 9530
FC 9330 RA
Mounted drum mower conditioners
PZ 320 C
Front-mounted drum mower conditioners
PZ 320 FC


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