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VISIOSPACE cab Vertical single and double-auger self-propelled mixers

Visibility, driving comfort and ergonomic everyday!

Within the usage cycle of a self-propelled mixer, the time spent inside farm buildings is an important factor not to be neglected. Visibility of the immediate surroundings (supply routes, access doors etc.) is an essential safety requirement. Moreover, since feeding takes place early in the morning, farmers are often faced with limited light conditions and low, or even very low, temperatures.

For all of these reasons, the new generation VISIOSPACE cab has been designed to guarantee maximum ergonomic efficiency and comfort for the driver, while respecting all safety requirements. The interior of the new VISIOSPACE cab has the same generous dimensions of the first generation, appreciated for its level of comfort.

Since January 2019, the new VISIOSPACE cab comes as standard on the whole range of KUHN self-propelled single and double-auger mixers.

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Visibility for improved safety

The surface area of the windows on the new VISIOSPACE cab has been increased by 20% compared with the previous version. This new design gives the VISIOSPACE the best visibility on the market.

All obstacles to frontal vision have been removed, for maximum precision during key silo approach operations. The large door window also allows for safer driving.

The whole windscreen is coated with a self-heating film, ensuring that the self-propelled mixer is rapidly operational even in morning frosts, or when condensation builds up as you move from yard to barn.

Windscreen cleaned by dual wipers mounted on a 1400mm rig, with 3 spray nozzles.

Unrivalled driving comfort

Generous interior dimensions: a comfortable driving experience for this essential everyday machine.

Joystick and control panel integrated with driver's seat. Maximum comfort, even on rugged terrain.

The CCI terminal, camera screen and weighing terminal are all fitted into the right-hand pillar of the VISIOSPACE cab, ensuring continuous display of all essential information with no obstruction to the driver's field of view.

The user will appreciate the comfort of the cab mounted on shock absorber studs and offering a fully soundproofed space (❬ 71 dB(A)).

The VISIOSPACE cab comes in a choice of three interior design options (see table below).

Ergonomically-designed for the driver's comfort!

Improved access, making it easier to get in and out of the cab safely. Footstep built into the cab floor: more space inside, with a new compartment for documents etc.

Fan power boosted by 50% to heat the cab more rapidly. Fan outlets ideally placed for driver's comfort.

Ventilation, radio and indicator controls all within easy reach, in the upper section of the cab.

The cab is topped off with a protective grille to minimise the risk posed by frozen silage blocks in cold conditions.

Multifunction joystick: for a firm grip on the situation! The working mode is first selected from the four possibilities – loading, feeding, transport or manual – using the switches on the control panel. The machine can then be controlled with the multifunction joystick. Any machine functions that are not required are locked out and inadvertent operations are thus avoided.

Driver comfort is enhanced by the ergonomics and flexibility of the joystick. The hydrostatic machine feeds with two speeds under load is also controlled from the multifunction joystick.

3 VISIOSPACE configurations to cover the whole spectrum of uses:

Heater Cab protection guard Self-heating windscreen coating Padding (acoustic foam) Thicker carpet Bluetooth radio with USB connection Interior lighting Air conditioning Mobile phone dock


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