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Home LSB series: single knotter models

LSB series: single knotter models

High output

The pick-up of the KUHN large square balers is designed to match the full capacity of the machine. With an intake width of 230 cm, the machine is capable of working in all swaths. The reliable cam track system will not let you down, even in the harshest conditions. To adapt the machine to your fields, you have the choice between fixed and pivoting pick-up wheels. The pivoting pick-up wheels are semi-pneumatic and therefore ideal for rough terrain and stony soils.


All KUHN large square balers, cutting or non-cutting versions, are equipped with the INTEGRAL ROTOR technology. This simple, maintenance free intake system ensures even feeding regardless of the various (crop) conditions. The short distance between the rotor and pick-up yields an outstanding crop flow. This force-fed intake makes higher forward speeds possible for outstanding productivity and reduced crop damage. All rotor tines are made out of Hardox® wear plate and offer excellent durability in abrasive crop conditions.

Perfectly shaped

A dense, consistently filled bale represents quality in every form. Square bales are easy to handle and stack. In addition, they are much more stable during transport than a poorly formed bale. A perfect square-edged bale reduces the risk of air entrapment during wrapping, resulting in high quality feed.

POWER DENSITY – the KUHN pre-chamber

The KUHN POWER DENSITY system, a single feeder fork design, proves that a well-engineered, active pre-chamber filling system can eliminate complexity. This pre-chamber system ensures consistently filled flakes and results in heavy, square-edged bales regardless of the costs condition. The single feeder fork combines two functions into one mechanism, eliminating unnecessary components and complexity resulting in lower maintenance costs.

The bale chamber

The specially designed bale chamber of the KUHN machines is the result of more than 35 years’ experience in big square baling. With the 3.4 meter long bale chamber, there is plenty of space to form a perfect bale. The combination of aggressive retainers and a specific pressure door shape brings an aggressive compaction and gentle expansion of the bale.

Heavy duty plunger

46 plunger strokes per minute result in a high compaction capacity. The plunger is guided via 4 large rollers with a diameter of 125 mm for maximum service life.

Density regulation

The density on the LSB models can be regulated in two ways according to the driver’s preference. Using the conventional setting, the pressure on the bale channel is directly regulated from the terminal. With the automatic setting, the machine detects the load and automatically adjusts the pressure on the bale channel. Switching between the two settings is quick and easy resulting in a versatile, easy to operate machine.

Oustanding reliability

Secure, reliable knotting

One of the last steps in creating a perfect bale is the knot. The KUHN LSB balers offer a reliable and secure single knotting system that meets your requirements. The unique TWIN STEP knotting system compromises a single knotter and smart system that releases the twine tension during the knotting cycle. The result is a secure, simple and highly reliable knotting system.

Instant protection

To use the machine at maximum capacity, a flawless protection system is required. All main intake components of the KUHN large square balers are fitted with a cam-type clutch. With this non-stop safety system you can unblock the machine from the operator seat, in the event of an overload.

The pick-up, INTEGRAL ROTOR and feeder fork are protected with cam-type torque limiters, which are automatically activated in the event of an overload. The respective cam clutch then activates and the intake is stopped. The clutch re-engages when the operator reduces the PTO speed. Another benefit of these clutches is that they give the ability to drive at a constant speed without worrying about time consuming shear bolt replacements.

Discover the LSB range:

LSB 870

Bale size 80 x 70 cm, Single knotter. High performance with low power requirement. Learn more

LSB 1270

Bale size 120 x 70, Single knotter. Robustness combined with low-weight. Learn more

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