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PRIMOR 4260 M CUT CONTROL All-fodder Straw Blower and Feeder with new Chopping function

The versatility to handle all your daily tasks!

Your benefits:

2 bales

2 cm - 5 cm

17 m

310 min-1

The new PRIMOR 4260 M CUT CONTROL all-fodder straw blower & feeder features exclusive, patented chopping equipment.

This machine has therefore become a must-have tool for cattle farms with cubicles or bedding areas, mixed farms (ruminants/barns) but also for users of mixer wagons who wish to save time when cutting strands.

The new PRIMOR 4260 M CUT CONTROL can also be useful in other situations. For example, in methanisation processes to calibrate the fibre before injection into digestion plants.

The main axis of technical development for this machine is the versatility of the tool in its daily use, without having to change equipment or perform long adjustments.

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