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CENTRAMIX Stationary mixers

The complete all-electric solution

Your benefits:


"Long Life"
industrial configurations


For many years, KUHN solutions have offered farmers throughout the world all the benefits of a mixed ration to improve their livestock’s technical, nutritional and economic performance. Now these machines can also be applied to the energy production industry.

Raw materials may vary from one period to another and are often very irregular (short or long, solid or wet). A large proportion of the installation's profitability depends on good management of the mixture and incorporation.

The CENTRAMIX range optimises the energy yield of each raw materials incorporated by mixing it effectively.

Drawing from our experience in the livestock feeding sector, KUHN have developed a wide range of CENTRAMIX stationary mixers, which fully meets the requirements of your anaerobic digestion unit.

The CENTRAMIX range was designed to meet other "business" requirements, for example installations used to mix recycled products intended for composting.

Some livestock farmers have also invested in stationary mixers. The CENTRAMIX offering includes all the components needed for a customisable solution in order to distribute the ration onto conveyor belts or into other secondary delivery device.

The CENTRAMIX range includes models from 4 to 45 m³ with one, two or three vertical mixing augers.

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