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CD / HR / VENTA CD 1020 Integrated Seedbed Cultivators / HR 1020 / 1030 / 1040 Power Harrows / VENTA 1020 / 1030 Seed Drills

You're going to love your plots!

Your benefits:

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Seed drill combinations are universal tools capable of seeding with precision in any conditions. Check for yourself!

  1. The tillage tools’ roller frame is equipped with a patented system which makes fitting and removing the VENTA seed drill easier. Fast uncoupling allows you to work solo with the power harrow or to change tools.


Niels Jørgen Jeppesen, farm producer with 600 ha,
Bjerre (Finland)

"On firm ground, seeds are placed by the discs with practically 100 % precision. Crop emergence is excellent, rows are regular and germination is uniform with any crop type."

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