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AGRI-LONGER GII with hydraulic pivot-mounted arm safety New range of Hedge and Grass Cutters from KUHN

More "all-terrain" than ever!

The AGRI-LONGER GII with hydraulic pivot-mounted arm safety offer all the technical prowess of the POLY-LONGER and MULTI-LONGER GII ranges in a more compact format.

These models are aimed at individual farmers or municipal maintenance teams in small towns, but are also ideal for collective use by small agricultural equipment cooperatives. The rotor circuits in the new AGRI-LONGER GII models have a power of 45 hp/33 kW, making them perfectly-suited to their task.

All of the machines in this collection come with a safety break-back as standard, enabling the operator to perform a 116° rear sweep. The right arm comes in two different horizontal formats: 5 m or 6 m. The first, more compact option is ideally-suited to mowing operations in narrow tracks. The second is ideal for jobs requiring a greater reach.

3 reasons to choose the AGRI-LONGER GII:

A wide range of configurations for even the toughest jobs

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The machine can be guided using the low-pressure hydraulic/electric joystick control for more precise and flexible control, or the remote cable control for a more economical solution.

Joystick Control
TC Flail Head

Can be used with a double cog-type V-belt driven mower unit to create a compact system suited to ditches, or direct drive for greater simplicity.

Thus, you can choose among the 4 models available in the AGRI-LONGER GII range:

Easy to drive and operate

The pivot with a 116° slew angle allows operators to access even the most hard-to-reach sites. It is also the arm safety system for obstacle clearance.

A more compact housing means less overhang behind the tractor. A sloping lower surface makes it easier to reach over obstacles (for ditches, etc.).

A semi-automatic hitch bar provides greater safety and comfort when starting up the machine. As standard, the AGRI-LONGER GII comes with a hitch bar and two universal joint stabilisers. Several other optional hitch systems are available.

Semi-automatic hitch

Reliability and performance


The 1.2 m flail head is fitted with a universal rotor featuring 60 Y-flails (double cog-type V-belt driven mower) or 48 Y-flails (direct drive). The reversible rotor can be turned over to even out wear-and-tear on the blades, as well as the lugs.

Total protection, with protective fairing for all of the machines' hydraulic components. An oversized 12kW air-cooled radiator is standard and ensures a constant power supply to the mowing unit. This range is recommended for up to 250 hours of use / year.

So you can fit your AGRI-LONGER GII with a cutter bar, hedge trimmer or rotary mower.

The arm features a reconstituted structure of ultra-high strength steel, similar to the materials used in large-scale professional machines. The mechanical design features larger dimensions to withstand higher loads.

KUHN Total Protection
KUHN Radiator


The patented FAST-FIT system is a KUHN exclusive allowing the operator to rapidly change out rotor flails without the need for tools. You just need to align the flail shaft, shackles and rotor lugs.

FAST-FIT is 100% safe: no opening on the shackle or flail, so the parts have no weak points.

With the FAST-FIT system, the rotor can receive broad KUHN Y-flails, which means no extra cost compared to conventional flails.


STABI-LINK is a modular linkage frame that can be mounted onto any type of tractor.

It can be installed in 3 different ways: to the tractor lift, to the small connecting rods or in fixed position.

The STABI-LINK frame can be fitted and removed quickly when it is fitted to the tractor lift. The aim is to make the tractor available for other jobs rapidly.

Technical specifications

5045 P TD 5045 P TC
Horizontal reach (m) 4.90 5.00
Available rotor circuit power at 540 rpm (kW / hp) 33 / 45
Recommended use Up to 250 hours per year
Recommended minimum tractor weight (tonnes) 3.5
Minimum power required at tractor PTO (kW / hp) 51 / 70
Arm safety for obstacle clearance Hydraulic pivot-mounted system with 116° slew
Kinematics Compass
Outer boom Straight arm
Hitch category 3-point cat. 2 and 3
Hitch type Semi-automatic hitch bar + 2 stabilisers with universal joints
Structure Main boom with reconstituted ultra-high strength steel structure
Main boom section 120 x 120 x 6 to 15 mm
Outer boom tubular section 100 x 100 x 8 mm
Protective fairing for all components As standard
Bumpers with lighting As standard
Transport height (m) with 0.5 m ground clearance 3.43
Machine weight (kg) 1 165 1 295
Oil reservoir capacity (l) 70
12 kW air-cooled radiator As standard
Rotor circuit Open circuit - Gear pump and motor - Aluminium casing
Delivery/pressure: 90 litres at 215 bar - 45 hp - Filter on suction
Movement circuit Open circuit – Gear pump – Aluminium casing
Delivery/pressure: 22 litres at 200 bar
Pivot, arm and head control Remote cable or electric low-pressure joystick control
Two-directional rotor rotation (“grass” and “wood”) Remote cable control
Floating head Electric control
Hydropneumatic lift float Electric control
Drive Direct drive with motor mounted on rotor end Double cog-type V-belt drive
Effective cutting width (m) 1.20
Rotor speed (rpm) 2 970
Rotor Universal rotor with 10 mm thick tube (Ø 89 mm dia. tube for direct drive or Ø 102 mm with belt drive) for grass, bramble and wood Ø < 3 cm
Flails 48 Y-flails on 12 mm shackles for direct drive or 60 KUHN broad Y-flails on 14 mm shackles for belt drive
PRO sensor roller with removable ends (140 mm diameter) As standard

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