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AGRI-LONGER GII Mechanical safety

Hedge and grass cutters

The ‘all-terrain’ hedge and grass cutter!

Because the future of agriculture also involves landscape maintenance, KUHN has developed the AGRI-LONGER GII range of hedge and grass cutters designed for individual use.

The AGRI-LONGER GII 4245 M and 4745 M models display an impressive design with their robust arm assembly and outstanding features. Available in two horizontal reaches: 4.20 m and 4.70 m, the AGRI-LONGER GII mechanical safety series has a 41 hp rotor circuit.

Our hedge and grass cutters deliver high output even on the toughest jobs.

The AGRI-LONGER GII: The art of combining driving pleasure and performance!


The arm kinematics of the AGRI-LONGER GII M series is specially designed to tackle the widest variety of jobs in complete safety: ditch bottoms, narrow paths, obstacle clearance, etc. The AGRI-LONGER GII M series combines user-friendly operation and versatility!

The AGRI-LONGER GII 4245 M and 4745 M hedge and grass cutter models feature a narrow frame that keeps the machine within the tractor width for on-road transport.

Their centred geometric design is ideal for narrow paths. Safe mowing behind the tractor wheel is therefore possible.

A 220° head rotation makes it easier to work on top of hedges and in deep ditches. Visibility and safety are flawless.

Their 4.20 or 4.70 m horizontal reach guarantees user-friendly operations for individual use, such as on farmland hedgerows, banks along a field, etc.

The clearance provided by the underarm geometry (top-side positioning of the outer boom cylinder) means the machine can overcome obstacles without the risk of snagging (fencing, road guardrails, etc.).


The AGRI-LONGER GII M grass and hedge cutters feature a pendulum link safety system as standard. When the machine gets caught on an obstacle, the link rod at the anchor point of the lifting arm opens and prevents any risk of breakage.

The structure of the arm is a robust assembly, especially the main boom which undergoes the highest stresses. Its structure is welded using high yield strength steel (VHYS) with a 140 x 120 mm heavy-gauge box section.

For an even longer service life, all the machine’s joints, including cylinder joints, are protected against wear with greased-for-life cell-type bushings.

Rotational shaft movement is prevented to avoid premature wear or any opening up of the joints.

All the models in the AGRI-LONGER GII range are equipped as standard with a 5 kW air-cooled radiator. You will be able to enjoy the full power of your 41 hp machine. Sustained work can therefore be kept up all day long without component damage for years to come.

The robust flail head is comprised of a reinforced casing, including:

  • A removable wear plate,
  • A 10 mm thick rotor,
  • Two wire protection baffles,
  • Interchangeable wear shoes,
  • A grass shroud for safety.

For quality brushcutting, the flail head is equipped with 36 Y-flails for a working width of 1.00 m. The head is fitted with a Ø133 mm adjustable sensor roller to increase the rigidity of the assembly.

For increased cutting capacity in the steepest situations, the 220° rotating flail head joint is positioned at the rear.


The AGRI-LONGER GII M series offers two types of controls:

  • Remote cable controls for easy, reliable use. The control console is extended by a padded armrest. To increase your machine’s service life, the ‘two-way’ rotor rotation function is equipped with an anti-reversing safety device.
  • Electric joystick control for ergonomics and user-friendly operation. The joystick enables the user to electrically and simultaneously control the machine’s main functions: main boom, outer boom, flail head orientation and float position. By design, the electric control is easy to fit in the cab.

Remote control cable

Electric joystick control

Each of the machine’s components should help save time and provide user-friendly advantages with maximum safety in a whole variety of situations.

For all these reasons, we have equipped the AGRI-LONGER GII models with many standard features:

  • Fully enclosed beam housing with pivoting polymer hood,
  • Bumper with built-in lights,
  • Air-cooled radiator,
  • Floating head,
  • Two-directional rotor rotation with anti-reversing safety,
  • Control support bracket for storage,
  • Full hose protection,
  • Lift float,
  • Four adjustable stands for removal,
  • Pendulum link safety device.


4245 M 4745 M
Horizontal reach (A) 4.20 m 4.70 m
Horizontal reach (B) 5.12 m 5.65 m
Maximum hedge height (C) 3.60 m 3.98 m
Ditch reach 45° (D) 2.53 m 2.99 m
Embankment reach (E) 4.05 m 4.59 m
Minimum embankment reach (I) 1.10 m 1.26 m
Slew angle 0° (no pivot)
Flail head rotation 220°
Transport height 3.22 m 3.41 m
Radiator Air Cooled 5 kW
Hydraulic rotor circuit power 40 hp
Control joystick Remote control cables Remote control cables or electric joystick
Cutting head transmission Direct drive
Effective cutting width 1.00 m
Machine weight 820 kg 840 kg
Minimum tractor weight 3 t
Minimum tractor power 51 kW (70 hp)


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