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Damien Vieille, shares his experience with the GF 17012 gyrotedder.


«Tedding is always a challenge. »

Damien Vieille, shares his challenges
and experience with the GF 17012 gyrotedder.

Damien and Patrice Vieille are part of a farming collective, the GAEC des Narcisses, located in Pontarlier, in the Franche-Comté region. They work 170 ha of grassland for themselves and 250 ha for the collective GAEC Absinthe that produces milk in the classified geographical area of Comté.

50% less scraping owing to the excellent ground following of the GSC system

According to Damien Vieille :« The main asset of this machine apart from the working width, is the ground following both crosswise and in the tractor’s direction of travel. Our previous tedder model tended to scrape the field and this model truly hugs the terrain thanks to its 16 small rotors. »

Going from one plot to another and turning on headlands are easier with the HLC device

Setting the machine in headland turn position in just a few seconds is highly appreciated.
« I often have to cross a road to go from one plot to another and the road must not be scrapped. With this system, no need to fold the machine to change fields. The machine and rotors are raised to provide high clearance. When working on more or less large fields or triangular plots, the tedder must be folded on the headland to turn round. Here, with the headland turn position, manoeuvres are easily carried out! Before we used to reverse and grass would wrap around the wheels. Now, we no longer damage the stubble.»

“Tedding is of high importance, you can’t afford messing it up!”

Sometimes weather conditions impose limited work windows. The tedding operation must be carried out very quickly and without constraints. For Damien Vieille, the tedder is a key tool : « The main issue with tedding lies upstream. We must act as soon as the mowing task is completed! This means that even in stormy periods, we must be able to ted. The GF 17012 gives us peace of mind in this regard: it ensures fast work. We ted on average 10 to 12 ha per hour and even 15 ha on flat land.»

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