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PRO-LONGER GII EP 6183 TP and EP 7483 TP

- Horizontal reach: 20.01 and 24.28 ft. (6.10 and 7.40 m)
- Vertical reach 23.39 and 27.56 ft. (7.13 and 8.40 m)
- Rotor circuit power: 83 hp

Joystick with electric proportional functions

- The machine’s 4 primary functions are proportional: boom, swing arm, pivot and head.
- Movement speed is programmable.
- The buttons are arranged so that you can monitor all arm functions simultaneously.

Patented mechanical drive

- Shredder unit driven by 4 gearwheels.
- The gearbox is totally sealed to enable work in extreme conditions: wet ditches…
- Drive size has been reduced to the strict minimum.

VHYS steel design (Very High Yield Strength)

- VHYS steel is more resistant to the pressure put on the structure of the machine,
- VHYS steel has memory. Depending on the level of stress, the steel goes back to its original shape.
- The arms are twice as resistant as a tubular design.

STABI-LINK quick assembly / disassembly frame:

- STABI-LINK can be fixed to all tractor types. It is height and depth adjustable,
- Frame coupling is by the tractor’s lift arms. It takes less than 15 minutes,
- It is a one man job and no handling tools are required,
- The tractor is ready in no time for other jobs.

Simply great forage



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