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Quality and production cost control goals, technological developments, increasingly demanding farmers, continuous evolution in agriculture … there are many reasons that prompted the KUHN Group to invest in a new training centre located in Alsace, at the centre of Europe.

KUHN CENTER FOR PROGRESS, with a total surface of 5,700m² for a budget of 6.5 million Euros, is a privileged place for meeting and exchanging with our Partners. It will allow reinforcing our close relationship and increasing our capacity of listening to farmers and giving them advice to better meet their needs.

Over 1 000 persons from our distribution network are trained each year by the KUHN Group, just for the French market.

At KUHN, training is at the heart of present and future challenges. It is considered the key to success for adding value and building on the continuously increasing technicality of machines
    Designing and producing agricultural machinery is no longer enough. We must also provide the necessary knowledge for optimal use of our equipment.

    The main function of this new training centre will be to increase the knowledge of our network with regards to our product range and to fulfil professionally its function in providing advice and support to the user.

    KUHN CENTER FOR PROGRESS is a place of know-how transfer. Our experts will lead specialized trainings in this building and will be supported by multi-purpose high tech equipment.

    This new training centre will feature:
      - 5 training rooms of which 2 specialized in technical support with adjoining workshop,
      - An « electronics » room equipped with laptops,
      - 2 halls of 200 and 400 m² fitted with overhead cranes, and
      - 1 display hall to show the latest developments.

      Farmers, together with their dealers, will have the opportunity to visit the training centre at any time and even on weekends..

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