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KUHN FBP 3135, machine of the Year 2018!

The FBP 3135 baler wrapper combination has been elected as machine of the year.

We are extremely proud to announce that our FBP 3135 baler wrapper combination has been elected as machine of the year 2018 in the category Forage Harvesting. The main argument for this choice is the unique KUHN film binding system that helps to achieve the highest silage quality at the lowest costs. Its design results in a guaranteed binding start under all circumstances.

Next to the increased silage quality, the film binding system enables easier bale handling and plastic recycling. The cylindrical wrap ensures that the bales stay in a perfect shape, even during longer storage periods. The KUHN system works with two regular 750 mm film rolls rather than one big mantle film roll. Thanks to this, 30% on film costs can be saved due to the higher pre-stretch ratio. Furthermore the film roll change is made more ergonomically as the rolls weigh only approx. 27 kg rather than 40 kg.

This award is the result of a great team effort, both from our end-users, distribution network and the KUHN Team. Thanks to all of you we can prove again that KUHN is your best investment in the future!

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