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New stubble cultivator points with DURAKARB

The new stubble cultivator points with DURAKARB carbide plates offer a longer service life especially in stony areas.

Strubble Cultivator

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A unique fusion

Tungsten carbide plates are made from an assembly of powders obtained after compression and heating of several chemical components including tungsten and carbon. The manufacturing process, which scrupulously meets very precise criteria, allows us to obtain a very hard and highly wear resistant material.

A unique fusion

Already proven on the power harrow blade with DURAKARB carbide plates, we have implemented this technology to our stubble cultivator points. This allows a quick return on investment even in the most extreme conditions, such as very stony areas.

Carbide-plate fitted point to defy time


Available on CULTIMER and PERFORMER stubble cultivators, the DURAKARB 80/50 carbide-plate fitted point has been designed to facilitate penetration and reduce power requirement owing to its 50mm width on the lower part of the point. The upper part has an 80mm width providing ideal mixing in all conditions. Featuring 4 carbide plates, this new point’s service life is multiplied by eight with regards to a standard point.


The new DURAKARB 50/30 carbide-plate fitted point is available for the PROLANDER stubble cultivator. Designed as from the 80/50 point of the CULTIMER and PERFORMER, this new point benefits from the same advantages owing to its specific V-shape. The latter offers a service life multiplied by five with regards to a forged part and its one-hole fastening provides time saving when replacing it.

specific V-shape

Also benefit from DURAKARB tungsten carbide plates technology on your KUHN power harrow.

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