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Win the race against time with a working width of 13m!

The new FC 13460 RA mower-conditioner with swath grouper offers a significantly higher work output than conventional mowing combinations with a variable working width of 12.40 to 13.40 m.

FC 13460 RA at work

An even greater working width!

The FC 13460 RA mower-conditioner offers the largest mowing width in the KUHN mower range with a variable working width of 12.40 to 13.40 m. Mowing a large area with a single machine allows substantial savings on pulling power, fuel and labour costs. In a single pass, its belt grouper forms a swath about 1.80 m to 3 m wide with the forage collected over a cutting width of more than 13 m. The farmer can then exploit the full potential of the forage harvester. The conveyors can also be raised for a wide delivery.

FC 13460 RA at work

A concentrate of technologies at the service of harvesting work performance


A telescopic axle increases clearance and thus makes it easier to form a wider and evenly shaped swath for even drying and improved pick-up by the forage harvester. In addition, the stability of the machine is improved during U-turns and on slopes.

FC 13460 RA at WORK

The FC 13460 RA mower-conditioner was designed with the goal to preserve the soil from compaction. The good load distribution, limited weight and low-pressure tyres prevent the soil structure from being degraded, even in wet conditions. This machine fits perfectly into a Controlled Traffic Farming strategy on a 12m track. The impact of machine passage on the ground is limited and sites are thus rationalized. The compacted surface is reduced to the benefit of increased fodder production.

The ISOBUS solution for greater operating comfort


The various machine controls, including the one of the front mower, can be easily controlled, as required, by an ISOBUS compatible on-board terminal or one of the
CCI 800 or 1200 terminals (available as an option). The most common operations can also be controlled by the CCI A3 joystick handle, whose particularity is to display the functions on its integrated screen.

CCI 1200 with FC 13460 RA

Quality forage remains the main objective of each farm


The mower-conditioner is equipped with renowned equipment of the KUHN range such as the OPTIDISC ELITE cutter bar recognized for its robustness and cutting quality in all conditions. Easy to use, this cutter bar requires no maintenance and comes standard with the FAST-FIT quick knife release system. This cutter bar provides improved cutting overlap between the diverging discs and more space between the converging discs for better rearward forage flow evacuation. The OPTIDISC ELITE cutter bar thus ensures the best quality of cut in all conditions.

The pivoting steel finger conditioner also ensures high quality conditioning. The rotors are driven by a selector lever gearbox for easy conditioning adaptation to the types of forage and harvest conditions.

FC 13460 RA

The innovative kinematics of the frame and mowing units provide powerful and constant ground pressure adjustment through the LIFT-CONTROL suspension for improved plant cover protection and good ground following. The ground pressure can be adjusted at any time from the ISOBUS control interface.


A mower that lasts


The FC 13460 RA mower-conditioner thus meets a high level of durability requirements and reduced maintenance costs. Daily maintenance is limited to the essentials. The machine is originally fitted with disc skid lining and "Triple 5" knives, the service life of which greatly exceeds that of standard knives usually used on mowers.


FC 13460 RA at work

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