PROFILE 1 DS Single-Auger Mixers

PROFILE 1 DS single auger vertical mixer silhouette

Mixed rations for all types of livestock farms

The PROFILE 1 DS mixers have 1 vertical auger, a narrow hopper and feed out via direct side doors. Available in 4 and 6 m3 capacities, these machines are suited to herds of between 20 and 45 cattle.

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The PROFILE 4.1 DS and 6.1 DS were designed to provide mixed rations for all types of farms. Ease of use and compact size are the two key features of these machines.

With the possibility for left and right-hand side distribution and a low overall height, the machines can navigate their way through difficult-to-access buildings. The vertical auger guarantees exceptional mixing quality and can chop fodder into small fibres required by smaller ruminants (i.e. goats and sheep). The standard programmable electronic weighing system ensures the accuracy of the quantities loaded and distributed.

They feature a small diameter augers (1.69 m) with a low power requirement so it can be used with small farmyard tractors (40 hp required for the 4 m3 version).
KUHN PROFILE 1 DS TMR Mixer at transport position

Your benefits

Modular features also available in 4 and 6 m3

Distribution on the left side, the right side or both: with the KUHN PROFILE 1 DS mixer, it's your choice

Right, left or both: the choice is yours

The mixing tubs on the PROFILE 4.1 DS and 6.1 DS were designed to be perfectly symmetrical. If you order these machines today with right hand side distribution and later you need left hand side distribution, that's no problem! The drawbar and the axle are bolted to the same type of attachment on each side of the tub. Just reverse them to convert the machine to a left hand side distribution mixer wagon. This special feature makes the machines more versitile and could be useful for buyers of second hand mixer wagons.

Extremely compact

These PROFILE single vertical auger models are available up to 6 m3 with a height of less than 2.40 m to manoeuvre through all types of buildings. The axle, positioned at the back of the tub, considerably reduces the height, making it easier to load the machine with mini-loaders. These machines are also extremely stable in sloping or uneven terrain.
KUHN PROFILE 1 DS mixers: extremely compact

Weighing system: choose your level of data

With your KUHN DG600 weighing terminal, your can choose the optional "DTM ADVANCE" software for data transfer

Programmable weighing unit: simple, functional and intuitive

With the KUHN DG600 terminal, you optimise your time by carefully preparing the quantities of the different ration ingredients. Simply program the rations per head and per batch before loading the TMR mixer. In the following days, all you have to do is validate or modify the number of animals in each batch so that the weighing unit automatically indicates the quantities to be loaded. And if you want to take data management a step further, choose the KUHN DG8000-IC terminal.

KUHN DG600 programmable weighing system: your terminal’s interface is intuitive thanks to its double LCD screen that displays the weight and the name of the ingredient simultaneously. You can name your ingredients, distribution points and recipes. Your weighing terminal can store 99 recipes composed of 24 ingredients, and can be used to prepare 48 feed batches. You can program by head or by total weight. You can also generate ingredient consumption reports.

KUHN DG8000-IC programmable weighing system: your weighing terminal can store 99 recipes composed of 24 ingredients each, 99 ingredients, 128 feed batches and 48 customers. You can change the number of animals and the weight of the ingredients on the terminal. You program the terminal using the "DTM IC Cloud" software: by head, total number of animals or percentages.
The KUHN DG8000-IC weighing terminal is compatible with the NIR dry matter measuring system and the feed tracking system (automatic feeding per batch).

With your weighing terminal, choose your digital assistant!

You can choose one of these digital devices to run the solutions offered along with the weighing terminals. You can take your new assistant with you everywhere! You’ll be able to control your mixer weighing system during loading and feeding, but also from your office.
  • with the indestructible 5,7’’ mobile assistant, you have your weighing system in your pocket!
  • or the all terrain 8’’ mobile assistant for optimal navigation!

KUHN Feed Tracking GOLD also requires the KDW 361 unit.
With the DG600 and DG8000-IC programmable weighing systems, you can choose one of the digital devices to control your mixer weighing system

Two  interfaces to fit how you manage your feed-related information

The 2 applications KUHN Datamix VIEW and KUHN Datamix CONTROL are pre-installed on your weighing assistant. You’re bound to have all your needs met with the easy-to-use secondary display unit (KUHN Datamix VIEW) and the application that lets you program and perform all the functions of your mixer’s weighing unit from your assistant (KUHN Datamix CONTROL). You can access all the weighing data within a communication range of 90 m around your machine. The signal is automatically reset when you re-enter the range.
  • With the KUHN Datamix VIEW, your assistant becomes the secondary display you'll never leave behind!
  • with the KUHN Datamix CONTROL, your assistant becomes the control centre for your machine's weighing system.
Two different interfaces to fit how you manage your feed-related information

The simple solution for rapid feed flow!

Choose your distribution configuration on KUHN PROFILE 1 DS mixers

Choose your distribution configuration

On the standard version, the distribution unit can be positioned on the right or the left of the machine. The height and depth of the standard distribution chute can be adjusted.

For troughs, a tilting conveyor is available in different lengths to deliver the fodder at the required height. Right and left distribution is also possible to deliver feed from both sides of the machine in a single pass.


KUHN PROFILE 1 DS TMR Mixer at work


Technical characteristics

Capacity (m3)
Mixing system
Maximum width of the loading bucket (m)
Minimum PTO power requirement kW (hp)
PTO speed (min-1)
Output mini/maxi (l/min) at 180 bar (pressure required)
Minimum tractor hydraulic requirement with direct control
Minimum tractor hydraulic requirement with electric control (optional)
4 6
1 vertical auger 1 vertical auger
< 2.34 < 2.49
29 (40) 45
540 540
20 - 50 20 - 50
1 DA for chute and 1 DA per additional function 1 DA for chute and 1 DA per additional function
1 SA with free return 1 SA with free return


Available applications: PROFILE 1 DS