The strength of the FB 119 round baler is simplicity. The simple and well-thought layout of the machine makes it easy to operate, understand and maintain. <br />The machine is designed for baling dry materials such as hay and straw. The baler features an open throat intake system resulting in unrestricted intake for maximum capacity. <br />To best suit your operation's needs, the KUHN FB 119 comes equipped with your choice of net or twine binding. You can conveniently control from the comfort of your tractor seat with the in-cab AT 10 control box.
KUHN FB 119 baling

Your benefits

Unrestricted crop intake to meet your capacity needs

167 Cm wide pick-up

Optimal crop pick up

The pick-up on the FB 119 maximizes the full capacity of the machine. With a working width of 167 cm, the machine is capable of working in all regular windrows. Straight pick-up tines help release the crop and reduce crop wrapping. A cam track pulls the tines straight down in the rearward position to avoid wrapping. The pick-up is suspended in chains and can be optionally equiped with pick-up support wheel to follow the ground structure.


The OPEN THROAT design offers an unrestricted intake. There are no fingers or rotor tines which can hinder the flow and therefore limit the intake capacity. The cam-steered pick-up directly pushes the crop into the bale chamber.
Non restricted, open intake

Consistent, firm round bales

The powertrack profile of a roller


Producing firm, well-shaped bales requires expert engineering of the machine. To compress the crop into bales with a consistent size and density, the baling process has to be as effective as possible while being gentle on the crop. The POWERTRACK rollers start to rotate the core of the bale as fast as possible to ensure optimal compression.

Fast, perfect bale formation

The 14 steel rollers with an asymmetrical profile ensure a reliable bale rotation without the risk of stopping. The high-grade steel rollers are constructed from two overlapped, pressed sections which are then fully seam-welded for maximum rigidity. Radial support rings located inside each roller create additional strength, while the end plate and roller stub shafts are forged in one piece.
14 steel rollers with an asymmetrical profile ensure a reliable bale rotation

Simple driveline

The FB 119 driveline layout is simple and easy to maintain. It consists of only 3 heavy duty chains. It is secured via a shear-bolt protection on the PTO drive shaft. To ensure a long lifetime of the chains, the KUHN FB 119 can be equipped with a chain oiling system, which is activated at every binding cycle.
Only 3 heavy duty drive chains

Secure binding solutions

Firm shaped bales

Firm bale shape

One of the final steps in creating the perfect bale is the binding. It is one of the most crucial steps! The less time required to bind the bale, the higher the baling operation output. KUHN binding solutions guarantee reliable and secure net binding. All FB models can be equipped with a combination of twine and net binding.

Twine binding

When using the double twine binding system, the binding cycle time is reduced to a minimum. In the twine binding cycle, both of the twines start at the bale edge and overlap before moving to the centre of the bale. In the centre of the bale, they overlap again. This ensures that the twines are fixed and that there are no loose ends.
The double twine binding system reduces the binding cycle time


KUHN FB 119 baling under a blue sky


Technical characteristics

Bale chamber dimensions (width x diameter) (cm)
Bale chamber
Transport width (cm)
Transport height (cm)
Transport length (cm)
Automatic chain oiling system
Greaseable roller bearings
Pick-up width (cm)
Number of pick-up tine bars
Pick-up gauge wheels
Pick-up wind guard
Intake system
Net storage
Twine storage
Minimum PTO power requirement kW(hp)
PTO speed (min-1)
Minimum required tractor hydraulic connections
Wide angle PTO shaft
Road lights
Weight min - max (kg)
FB 119
122 x 125
14 rollers
241 (248 on 380/55-17 wheels)
AT 10 terminal
as standard
open intake
2 + 3 storage
1 single acting and 1 double acting valve
as standard with shear bolt
standard height adjustable, upper- and lower attachment possibilities
as standard
1900 - 2100


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