GLADIATOR 1210M Strip-Tillage System

GLADIATOR 1210M silhouette photo

Precision Nutrient and Seedbed Management

The 3-point mounted GLADIATOR is available with 4 to 16 rows, with 0.76 cm to 1 m spacing. The innovative folding toolbar increases transport stability and reduces folded dimensions. A variety of fertiliser options are available to suit a wide range of strip-till nutrient programs.

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The KUHN GLADIATOR 1210M mounted strip-tillage system offers on-row conservation tillage, precise nutrient placement and non-stop seedbed conditioning to help progressive producers manage input costs. The innovative fixed-frame toolbar and ST-PRO II row units are easy to adjust and require no daily maintenance. They contour to the ground’s surface conditions allowing the shanks to consistently operate at your predetermined depth. A variety of dry and/or liquid fertilizer options are available. This is more than just strip-till, this is precision nutrient and seedbed management.
GLADIATOR 1210M in action

Your benefits



ST-PRO™ II Value

The row unit is the heart of the machine. ST-PRO II row units are easily adjusted without tools in a matter of minutes, allowing them to be quickly setup to suit field conditions and ensure continued superior strip formation from field to field. KUHN ST-PRO II row units have no grease zerks, therefore require no daily maintenance further saving time and increasing productivity throughout the working day.


  • 63.5 cm independent coulters offer continuous residue cutting
  • Adjustable down pressure from 460 pounds to 660 pounds
  • Adjustable coulter scrapers remove sticky soil from the coulter blade
  • Simplified adjustment of coulter alignment to correct machine tracking

Floating Row Cleaners

  • Floating 40.6 cm notched disc blades consistently clear residue from the strip
  • Automatically adjusts to the contour of the field eliminating the need for field-to-field adjustment
  • Weights can be added or removed to ensure consistent residue management and flow


  • Wrench-free depth adjustment
  • Remove root zone compaction
  • Promote water infiltration, deep root growth and early seedling development
  • Drop Zone nutrient placement system
  • Shank depth range of 6" to 12" in 1" increments
ST PRO II Shank Crop.jpg

Strik’R Nonstop Soil Conditioner & Shank

  • Patented chain reel technology to break clods without destroying the berm
  • 45.7 cm reel with 10 individual chain sections
  • Chains shed wet soil and residue, achieving a uniform seedbed without plugging
  • New chain mounting system increases chain wear life and makes chains quicker to replace with 50% fewer bolts to remove.
  • New reel end plate design eliminates gaps between the tabs offers increased resistance to plugging.
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Fertiliser Solutions


Precision Nutrient Management

The Gladiator product line features one of the most complete fertilizer application offerings in the industry. These systems are easy to operate and provide precision nutrient placement options for growers with the desire to apply dry or liquid fertilizer with or without anhydrous ammonia.

Gladiator 1210M 3-point mounted models are available with either 1700-gallon or 9-ton (8- to 16-row models) and 1200-gallon or 6-ton (6- to 16-row models) tanks mounted on steerable carts and pulled behind the toolbar.

Trail Hitch for Anhydrous

Gladiator 1210M and 1210 pull-type models are available with a trail hitch, typically used for towing an anhydrous cart. All hitches feature an extendable tongue allowing the operator to position the Gladiator close to the cart and then maneuver the trail hitch to make the connection. A strap and winch is also fitted to assist with lifting the tongue of the anhydrous cart. Trail hitches are also available on Montag steerable carts for maximum fertilizer flexibility.

The Montag System

Montag dry fertilizer systems are designed so that the fertilizer for each row is metered separately. Only in this fashion can consistency across the machine be ensured. An air release is used close to the row unit to disperse air and prevent fertilizer from being blown forcefully down into the strip and bouncing out. Diffusing the air also prevents back-pressure building up in the hoses which would lead to blockages and inaccurate application rates.  

Any Gladiator which may be fitted with a 9-ton dry fertilizer hopper may be equipped with the Montag Gen II system. Two 4.5-ton tanks allow the operator to blend two different types of fertilizer together for placement in the strip. Although a different design compared to the single tank system, metering still takes place on a per row basis to ensure consistent application rate across the width of the machine. Rates of the two fertilizer products are controlled independently for total control. Also available as a Montag steerable cart on 1210M mounted models. In addition, a new 2 x 50 cu. ft. tank 3.5-ton capacity steerable cart option is available for 4-, 6-, and 8-row 1210M models.

Variable Rate & Section Control

The Montag Gen II twin-tank system is compatible with GPS variable rate and section control*. Use your mapping system to automatically vary the rate of either fertilizer product as you work the field. Minimize over application and wastage at point rows by dividing the machine into sections and letting the GPS switch off either half of the machine automatically.

*Compatible control system required for full functionality.

Fertilizer Blockage Monitor

Fertilizer hose blockages waste expensive nutrients and jeopardize your crop. Wireless blockage monitors alert you the moment a blockage occurs. Discreet in cab monitor provides an audible alarm and tells you which row is blocked. Monitor offers wireless technology for quick and easy installation.

The Angled Hinge Advantage


The Angled Hinge Advantage

Allows wing sections to fold forward, reducing transport height for machines equipped with spring reset row units.

When folded, the center of gravity is moved forward reducing need for additional tractor ballast and increasing stability. The hinge resists upward movement in the field working position, thereby helping to maintain target depth, reducing pivot pin wear.
GLADIATOR 1210M in action