DISCOVER XM2 disc harrow

DISCOVER XM2 Silhouette

Disc cultivating at depth

Intended for all types of farming enterprise, the DISCOVER XM2 range is known for its increased level of comfort and reinforced structure.

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The DISCOVER XM2 disc cultivator stands out in the market with their self-supporting undercarriage. With discs in an X arrangement, the robust undercarriage and an efficient roller, this range allows you to increase your productivity.
Available from 28 to 48 discs, these stubble cultivators can travel in many conditions and can be equipped with the SH small seed drill to combine two actions: stubble cultivation and seeding in one pass.
In short, whether you have heavy or light soils, dry or wet conditions, few or desnse residues to bury, the DISCOVER XM2 ensures an optimal work quality. They offer the possibility of carrying out multiple tasks: stubble cultivation, grassland destruction, manure burial and deeper cultivations. The DISCOVER XM2 are extremely versatile, its the only disc tool capable of moving from stubble cultivation to deep cultivations in the blink of an eye.
DISCOVER XM2 at work

Your benefits

A reinforced frame

View of the T-Ring Roller

Highly resistantant disc gangs

The DISCOVER XM2 range is equipped with 4 disc gangs: two at the front and two at the rear. Positioned symmetrically at the rear of the machine, they improve the machine's lateral stability. The front disc gangs are staggered to work the entire surface of the soil.
The DISCOVER XM2 disc stubble cultivator range is equipped with 660mm discs with 6 mm thickness, guaranteeing an unrivalled quality of work.
To ensure optimum strength, the disc sets are equipped with a double-sealed tapered bearings and are connected to the undercarriage with reinforced frames. The inclined positioning of the disc gangs makes it possible to limit the risks of blockagesand encourage the flow of plant debris.
The alternate notched and smooth discs offer better penetration capacity and homogeneous wear.

A robust structure

To increase your machine's longevity, the entire frame of the DISCOVER stubble cultivators has been generously sized. The central beam provides twice the strength of a traditional frame. Its shape offers better accessibility to the maintenance points and good visibility during work.
The connection between the disc gangs and the frame is based on a fixed pin and a large diameter plate to simplify set-up in the working position.
Only one action is necessary to adjust the four gangs of discs.
Moreover, KUHN has exclusively developed a patented central beam lifting system that balances the forces of the connecting rods and the front and rear disc gangs.  Only one action is necessary to adjust the 4 gangs of discs.
Undercarriage and beam of a DISCOVER XM2

Two coupling possibilities

Two types of coupling are available on the DISCOVER XM2 to maximise the grip of the tractor:
  • The multi-position coupling point on the machine, optimises the height of the traction point to harness the power of the tractor. An optional hydraulic drawbar allows depth variations between the front and rear to be corrected from the drivers seat.
  • Alternatively, a ball joint coupling can be chosen which improves working comfort and reduces wear. As the height variation of the ball joint is minimised, this coupling adapts to most tractors.
Ball joint coupling on the DISCOVER

Comfort of adjustment and use

The DISCOVER folded in transport mode

Simplified folding and unfolding.

The DISCOVER range has simplified folding and unfolding procedures.
The mechanical version works with 2 pins:
  • the first pin locks the working or transport position.
  • the second pin determines the opening of the disc gangs and makes it possible to re-instate the initial opening thanks to its memory function.
Optionally, you can benefit from a hydraulic version; adjustment of the folding and unfolding allows user comfort to be optimised. The system makes it possible to adjust the opening of the disc gangs during work and to fold the DISCOVER to a transport width of less than 2.50 m from the drivers seat.

Easy maintenance and adjustments

There's no need to get down or climb over the machine to access the different maintenance points. The central beam combined with the advantageous placement of the grease points ensures easy access and superior comfort. Comfort and speed make this task less tedious and therefor guarantees a longer life of the machine.
Static view of the DISCOVER stubble cultivator

Options and equipment to meet your needs

A DISCOVER XM2 equipped with an SH 402 for seeding cover crops

DISCOVER options

The DISCOVER can be equipped with options such as:
  • Anti-projection deflector plates, which control the flow of soil and ensure homogeneity of work.
  • Bearing guards to protect against stone impacts. Their shape has been optimised to increase ease of maintenance.
  • Stabilising disc to ensure lateral stability in dry conditions and on slopes.
  • A hubometer can be assembled to count the number of hectares done.
Finally, you have the possibility to add an SH small seed drill to your DISCOVER. This will allow you to seed cover crops at the same time as your stubble cultivation, increasing output and helping to improve your soils performance.

3 possibilities of rollers

Three rollers are available on the DISCOVER XM2 range:
  • Tube roller (75 kg / m): this light roller offers a moderate level of pressure with load transfer and a versatility to adapt to all types of soil.
  • the T-Ring roller (130 kg / m): this roller ensures a good crumbling in clay or cloddy soils while maintaining roughness on lighter loamy soils. Its T-profile promotes good decomposition of straw.
  • the T-Liner roller (140 kg / m): this roller offers a good level of reconsolidation and adapts to work in stony conditions. The roughness of the soil is maintained to allow water infiltration and the quality of crumbling in heavy or cloddy soil is optimal. It also breaks stalks efficiently, promoting decomposition and allows the depth to be regulated for the cover crops.
In the folded position, the roller remains within the width of the machine.
View of the T-Ring Roller

A DISCOVER XM2 equipped with an SH 402 for seeding a crop cover


Technical characteristics

Transport width (m)
Maximum tractor power (kW/hp)
Number of discs
Working width (m)
Weight approx. (kg) without roller and with hydraulic folding
Weight approx. (kg) with tube roller and hydraulic folding
Disc spacing (mm)
Type of discs
Disc diameter (mm)
Double anti-ridge disks on rear disc gangs - diameter (mm.)
Number of bearings
Hydraulic adaptation
< 2,65 < 2,65 < 2,65 < 2,65
109/148 122/166 136/185 160/218
32 36 40 48
3,85 4,30 4,75 5,65
4145 4305 4535 5230
5166 5346 5628 6100
230 230 230 230
Alternate plain and notched Alternate plain and notched Alternate plain and notched Alternate plain and notched
Ø 660 mm (thickness 6 mm) Ø 660 mm (thickness 6 mm) Ø 660 mm (thickness 6 mm) Ø 660 mm (thickness 6 mm)
610 then 510 610 then 510 610 then 510 610 then 510
8 8 12 16
Hydraulic lift : DA - Hydraulic folding : DA - Roller working adjustment and folding : DA Hydraulic lift : DA - Hydraulic folding : DA - Roller working adjustment and folding : DA Hydraulic lift : DA - Hydraulic folding : DA - Roller working adjustment and folding : DA Hydraulic lift : DA - Hydraulic folding : DA - Roller working adjustment and folding : DA