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For over 50 years, KUHN's disc mower has been the best-seller in the world. Recognized expertise in the field of mowing, unmatched know-how…Rediscover what built the KUHN legend!

Over the last 50 years KUHN Group has contributed to developing innovative solutions in the field of disc mowers:
- by anticipating trends of tomorrow's agricultural world in terms of machinery and work organization,
- by supporting you in the development of your operations,
- by meeting your requirements with relevant answers in terms of forage quality, user comfort, productivity, safety and reliability, maintenance cost reduction.
Our final goal: optimize the profitability of your equipment and its return on investment!

KUHN, the pioneer and expert in disc mowers

From 1949, KUHN rose to rank among the very first French manufacturers of agricultural machinery. The first mowers with mechanical traction were born with the finger side mowers. In 1967, the first disc mower in the world was launched: the GMD 4. With this mower, work output, farmer operating comfort and cutting quality improved. Thanks to this innovation, KUHN is positioned as the forerunner and world leader in the field of disc mowers.

In the 1970s, mower-conditioner combinations were developed. The FC 44 is fitted with a steel finger rotor conditioning the cut crop and delivering an airy and even swath. The drying process is much faster: forage quality is improved.

The first worldwide rotating disc mower is launched: the GMD 4.
Mower conditioner combinations are developed, and the FC 44 appears in the fields.

KUHN, pioneering new techniques

The first trailed mower-conditioner KUHN FC 300 saw the light of day in the 1980s. Then in 1992, the first trailed mower-conditioner with lengthways transport, the ALTERNA 500, was introduced on the market, thus bringing incomparable profitability with its 5-meter working width.

The LIFT-CONTROL system was deployed in 1994 on both GMD (mower) and FC (mower-conditioner) models. It provided ground adaptation and optimum protection of the plant cover thanks to constant ground pressure of the cutter bar. The combined NON-STOP safety allowed savings in repair costs.

The FC 300 is the first trailed mower conditioner
The ALTERNA 500 provides exceptional profitability with its 5m working width as soon as 1992!
The LIFT-CONTROL suspension is introduced on GMD AND FC models in 1994

KUHN, constantly innovative

With the OPTIDISC cutter bar, mowing takes a new turn in 2005. On working widths greater than 4m, the cut is clean thanks to a larger overlap of the knives between diverging discs. Forage flow is improved thanks to wider spaced converging discs. Oil change is no longer necessary. In 2019, KUHN unveils the OPTIDISC ELITE which will equip more than 60 GMDs and FCs. High-end components reinforce the core of the cutter bar, thus meeting the demands of large farms and contractors.

With the OPTIDISC ELITE cutter bar, mowing is breathtaking!

KUHN, a unique know-how

Components such as discs and skids are essential for a high-quality cut and therefore they are integrally manufactured at KUHN. Once shaped they undergo specific treatments to harden them to abrasion resistant standards and to adhere to the optimal part shape to avoid vibration. Knife features (quality of steel and treatments, shape, resistance to deformation due to violent impacts and wear) are also one of our priorities, for both your safety and profitability.

Once produced, individual parts undergo many checks before being sent to the assembly line. At the end of the line, each cutter bar is put through a functional check (operating temperature, bearing temperature, power requirement…). At the end of the assembly line, powertrains and hydraulic and electric circuits are controlled on the machine and large sub-sections.

A fully assembled machine is pulled out of each series produced, to undergo intensive driving tests on the road, on pathways and in the field before being taken apart for appraisal.

The KUHN-manufactured wearing parts are of very high quality and perfectly adapted to the machines.

Continuous control of parts and machines ensures the quality of KUHN products

But what of tomorrow?

The global population is ever increasing. By 2050, the worldwide population will have increased by 2 billion people, therefore agricultural production will have to double to keep up with the world demand.

At the same time, farms will only get bigger and be using more advanced technology. Advances in management are already starting to revolutionize farming businesses.
Continuous investments in Research and Development, state-of-the-art industrial tools. The key to meet these new challenges in mowing and other areas of agricultural production is developing technologies. Today, KUHN Group works daily on electronic developments and progress will gain momentum.
KUHN will continue to invest massively in Research and Development and in its industrial infrastructure, in order to succeed in the segment of “high-end” and “high power” products, in particular in the field of mowers, in order to meet requirements of quality, performance, profitability, precision and connectivity of operations ever more precisely.

So that agricultural investment is a winner!
And so that KUHN continues to be the manufacturer of the world's best-selling disc mower!

The new mowers meet requirements in terms of quality, performance, profitability, precision and connectivity of operations.
Continuous investments in Research and Development allow KUHN to always be at the forefront of innovation

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