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AUROCK 6000 R et 6000 RC : Tomorrow's challenges, today's answer…

Since the beginning of the 21st century, cultivation methods have progressed to the point of conservation agriculture. With this system, ploughing is replaced by different degrees of shallow tillage. Conservation agriculture includes minimum tillage and no tillage. With more than 40 years’ experience in the field, KUHN has created the 6 m wide, triple-disc AUROCK 6000 R and AUROCK 6000 RC to optimise planting in cover crops, with min-till or no-till methods.

Faithfull to the triple-disc concept for more than 40 years

The AUROCK seed drill with a working width of 6 m comes in a single-metering-unit version (R) and a twin-metering-unit version (RC). It is possible to mix two varieties in the same unit or seed every-other row with separate depth management. The versatility of the seed drill is impressive, it can be equipped with an integrated chopper roller to work in any type of plant cover.
The furrow is created at the front of the AUROCK by two rows of opening discs: wavy or embossed depending on required residue and soil management.
Seeds are placed in the furrow by the seeding unit with parallelogram-mounted double discs for optimum delivery precision and perfect ground following. A central pivot between the seeding bar and the frame allows seed placement in the furrow when turning or on slopes and ensures that the seeding unit follows the opener disc perfectly on curves.

Connected and intuitive!

The AUROCK seed drill is an ISOBUS-compatible machine, available with CCI 1200 or CCI 50 terminals (AEF-certified). An optional joystick is available too for extra operating comfort. The interface was specially developed by KUHN to be user-friendly and intuitive. By simply pressing a button at the end of the field, the front-tool will lift and metering unit(s) will stop successively when approaching the border so that the plot is seeded right to the edge. The metering unit(s) stop in synchronisation with front-tool lift: no seed remains on the surface!

Simply great forage



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