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REDVISTA Virtual assistant for routine machine maintenance and adjustment

The KUHN REDIVSTA Mobile application uses augmented reality technology to help the machine user or the distribution network technician in the recurring maintenance and adjustment tasks. The REDVISTA application allows ensuring the complete and regular maintenance of the machines, thus helping to optimize their operation and ensure the longevity of the materials and components

REDVISTA is the first application using augmented reality technology to provide assistance in regular routine maintenance and machine setting tasks.

This KUHN REDVISTA application can be used on all types of smartphones or tablets after being downloaded from the MyKUHN platform. It allows the user to access the up to date information of his machine in real time, without having to rely on paper records and without risk of losing these documents.

This first immersive augmented reality application for the user and the distribution network allows locating all lubrication points, even those masked by a long day of work, without previously going to the washing station.

This application allows delegating this type of maintenance task to people without specific technical training. Thanks to the possibility of scanning a simple sticker present on the machine, all the information relating to the latter is immediately available, at anytime and anywhere in the world, even in the absence of internet connection.

The KUHN REDVISTA application helps to ensure a complete and regular maintenance of the machines, in order to optimise the operation and durability of the machine and its components.

This application brings a playful side to important tasks like maintenance and adjustments. This corresponds to a new mode of adjustment advice adapted and interesting for younger generations who have a more digital and less technical culture.

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