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GA 6501 P : As flexible as efficient


GA 6501 P

The mounted
twin-rotor rake

> As flexible as efficient

Comfort, high work output
and compactness
are the assets
of this new rake.

With the GA 6501 P, benefit from the manoeuvrability of mounted models and the large working width of twin-rotor rakes.

The machine made for you.

Easily change field

Switch from work to transport position without removing any component or having to leave the tractor.

Adapt the working width to your needs

The working width is easily adjustable from 5.55 m to 6.40 m for forming windrows of 1.05 m to 2.00 m.

The machine is quickly adapted to the forage volume and the following harvesting machine.

Preserved windrows

Switch to the headland turn position by simply activating a hydraulic valve in-cab and without having to use the tractor lift linkage.

Rotors are raised and offer a high ground clearance to pass over windrows formed without damage to them.

Gain room

The GA 6501 P can be stored in transport position.

You gain storage room owing to the two storage stands that stabilize the machine.

Simply great forage

With the KUHN expertise, harvest forage with:

  • Minimum spoilage
  • High energy and high nutrient content
  • Minimum level of impureties
  • High palatability

We share our experience and know-how with you in order to produce quality forage.

We provide advice for harvesting the whole grass value and more particularly, we will give explanations on the strong points of our machines.

For further information, visit forage.kuhn.com

Simply great forage



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