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Created in 1828 by Joseph Kuhn as a modest village forge, KUHN was an early specialist in the production of scales and weighing apparatus. A major change took place in 1864 when, taking full advantage of the opening of the new Paris-Strasbourg railway line and the exceptional period of prosperity in France at that time, Joseph Kuhn moved to Saverne to start a factory for producing agricultural machinery.

In the early 20th century, several dozens of machines were produced every week at the Saverne workshops which also had their own forge.

Becoming German in 1871, then French again in 1918, KUHN was a regional company working essentially for Alsatian agriculture.

After a decade of growth, the Second World War brought development to a sudden halt. In 1945, financially weakened and having lost many of its customers, the company went in search of a partner to be able to continue its activities.

Joseph KUHN, a small blacksmith from a neighbouring village of Saverne, begins to manufacture weighing equipment.


Joseph KUHN, a small blacksmith from a neighbouring village of Saverne, begins to manufacture weighing equipment.


Assisted by his brothers, Joseph KUHN diversifies into the production of agricultural machinery. Buildings are constructed on the site where the factory still stands today, alongside the Strasbourg-Paris railway line.


Special workshops are built to accommodate an assembly line for threshing machines. Their quality established Kuhn’s excellent reputation.


KUHN celebrates its 100th anniversary and produces on average 1,000 threshing machines per year. The production of mowers, tedders and tedder-rake combinations steadily increases.

In 1946, weakened by the war, KUHN formed an association with the Swiss company BUCHER-GUYER.

Kuhn gradually started growing once more. In 1949 a decisive step was taken: by converting to mechanical traction in that year, KUHN became one of France's leading agricultural machinery manufacturers.

It was the start of a terrific period of development! With growing mechanisation and modernisation of the countryside, KUHN multiplied its new machines.

Innovation, quality: these were the company's keywords, leading it to a position as a reference trademark in agricultural machinery. Now the leader in its French markets, KUHN could set out to conquer the world. From the 1970s, its machines were exported all over Europe as well as to Australia and the United States.

The 1980s were marked by the development of the company's internal capacities. At a time when businesses were constantly growing, KUHN developed an organization to match its ambitions. These ambitions were rewarded, at the end of the 1980s, with the first external growth operation…

1945 - 1983


The factory re-starts production after interruption during the Second-World War.


KUHN joins an important Swiss company (BUCHER-GUYER), also specialized in the manufacture of agricultural machinery.


A huge fire destroys the machining tools and assembly workshops. The workforce takes on the reconstruction in a wave of solidarity.


Delivery of the 1 000 000th machine to a farmer in the Orne region of France.


Construction of a new Spare Parts Warehouse.


KUHN S.A. celebrates its 150th anniversary..


Inauguration of a new storage and despatch area, covering an area of 13,000 m2 (140 000 sq ft).


Creation of a new Research and Development centre.


All factory data becomes available on-screen, through a centralised computer network in Saverne. KUHN’s international branches are also connected.

1985 - 1991


Establishment of a network of KUHN Authorized Dealer sales representatives.


Launch of a MINITEL service (information database operated by France Telecom), for French KUHN Authorized Dealer sales representatives.


HUARD, one of Europe’s leading plough manufacturers, becomes part of the KUHN group. The Research & Development departmentis equipped with CAD (Computer-aided design).


Installation of fibre opticcables for the computer network throughout the whole site.


MATELEST DIFFUSION, specialized in park and garden equipment becomes part of the KUHN group (today called PUISSANCE VERTE). KUHN is Gold medal winner at SIMA exhibition for the Rotary Plough.


The factory expands and a brand new fully-automated raw material storage warehouse with storage capacity of approx. 6,000 tons is built.

Marked by the retirement of Walter Reber and the arrival of a new team to assume control of the business, the 1990s witnessed the affirmation of KUHN's ambitions.

To be a world leader in its markets: this was the objective now set by the Saverne company. An objective which meant moving into new areas, with a very active acquisition policy and, above all, the deployment of a real brand strategy on a global scale.

Refined throughout the 1990s, this strategy developed in the early years of the 21st century: stronger links with the sales network, taking over the American company KNIGHT then launching an ambitious project called "Cap 10" all give evidence of the new directions being taken by a company with customer satisfaction at the core of its activity.

1992 - 2001


KUHN is Gold medal winner at SIMA for the ALTERNA 500, a 5 m mower conditioner.


AUDUREAU S.A., specialized in the manufacture of mixer feeder wagons, straw distributors and silage cutters, becomes part of the KUHN group. Silver medal winner at SIMA for the VENTA pneumatic seeder.


Increase in stock capacity, through the purchase of 4 ha (10 acres) of land and a 3,000 m2 (32,000 sq ft) building near Saverne.


KUHN-NODET S.A. becomes part of the KUHN group. Seed drills and sprayers expand KUHN’s product range.

Inauguration of the new electrical paint coating unit (building surface area 6,200 m2/ 67,000 sq ft).

KUHN FARM MACHINERY, the U.K. subsidiary of KUHN S.A., celebrates its 25th anniversary.

The foundry is certified ISO 9002.

The first “Product” and “Spare Parts” CD Roms are made available to our authorized dealer sales force.


KUHN Italia, the Italian subsidiary, celebrates its 10th anniversary.


Creation of a new warehouse in Columbia Tennesee (USA) Opening ceremony of the new German subsidiary in Schopsdorf near Berlin.

Creation of a Polish subsidiary.


Extension of our U.K. branch facilities in Telford. KUHN group websites go on-line. Inauguration of the new KUHN-HUARD factory in Châteaubriant.


KUHN parts with its subsidiary PUISSANCE VERTE, specialist in park and garden equipment. KUHN purchases 12 ha (29,7 acres) of land near Saverne, destined to become our new logistics platform.


Creation of a new spare parts distribution centre; KUHN PARTS in Monswiller.

The KUHN group presents its first ever self-propelled machine at the SIMA exhibition; the mixer feeder wagon (SP 14).

Extension of the assembly hall and installation of a hedge and grass cutter testing site at KUHN-AUDUREAU.

First ever French victory in the World Ploughing Championships, won by a farmer from the Alsace region, with a KUHN MULTIMASTER 120 plough.

KUHN, a global business:

In 2002, a very important step was taken! This is doubtless what everyone in the Kuhn group thought when the board of directors announced the takeover of the American company KNIGHT.

Installed in Brodhead, a small town in Wisconsin, since 1945 and still run by the family which gave it the name of KNIGHT, it was the American leader in mixer-distributors and manure spreaders.

Acquiring this company was a major step for the Kuhn group which, for the first time in its long history, began producing machines outside France…


The KUHN-NODET and KUHN-AUDUREAU spare-parts centres are integrated into KUHN PARTS in Monswiller.

The company project CAP 10 is launched.

KUHN acquires the American company, KNIGHT Manufacturing Corporation, world leader in TMR mixer feeder wagons and manure spreaders.


Representative office is opened in Beijing, China.

Creation of a subsidiary in Spain (KUHN Iberica) and in Australia.

The KUHN Group internet sites are revamped (first on-line in 1999).

KUHN celebrates its 175th anniversary.

Building of the new staff restaurant in Saverne begins.

New machine display hall, “prototypes” building and training centre at KUHNAUDUREAU.

Gold Medal for the ACCURA® precision coulter at the AGRITECHNICA show (Germany).

The KUHN-HUARD “Spare parts” centre is integrated into Monswiller.

KUHN wins the French Ploughing Championship with a competitor from Normandy. The HR + VENTA seeding combination is elected “Machine of the year” in Germany by a panel of professional journalists.


KUHN is awarded the “Golden Ear” at the AGRIBEX exhibition (Belgium) and Gold medal at the FIERAGRICOLA in Verona (Italy) for the ACCURA® precision coulter system.

Completion of the extension on the KUHN-KNIGHT factory in Brodhead (Wisconsin USA). KUHN-KNIGHT launches a new vertical auger mixer feeder wagon range as well as a hydraulic push manure spreader on the North American market.

KUHN wins the French Ploughing Championship with a competitor from Alsace.

Distinction at the EIMA exhibition in Bologna (Italy) for the CONSTANT FLOAT® suspension system on FC 303 / FC 353 trailed mower conditioners.

KUHN receives a regional trophy for the performance of KUHN and KUHN KNIGHT inc in North America.


KUHN acquires the Brazilian company METASA S/A specialized in the design and manufacturing of direct precision drilling machines for crops such as soya, cotton and maize.

The ACCURA® precision coulter system wins a silver medal at the SIMA.

Creation of a subsidiary in Ukraine.

A new “powder” paint facility is put into service on the site of La Copechagnière.

Extension of the parts logistics plateform KUHN PARTS in Monswiller (additional 1560 m2 of storage area).


New showroom and training centre at KUHN KNIGHTin Brodhead.

Launching of the first embankment shredder in the “Landscape Pro” range intended for landscape and roadside maintenance professionals.

CAP 10 becomes ONE, the company project for all the KUHN Group production sites.

Transfer of the Montereau site activities to the factories in Saverne and Châteaubriant.

KUHN receives a regional trophy for its French International Internship programme (VIE).


Presentation of 33 innovations on the KUHN Group stand at the SIMA exhibition.

Launching of the SPV self-propelled silage cutter and mixer wagon with vertical auger.

BUCHER INDUSTRIES, our shareholder, celebrates 200 years of existence.

Major extension works («Test» department in Saverne, production buildings for precision seed drills in Châteaubriant and in the Brodhead facility).

Launching of KUHNiTech, on-line technical support tool and KUHN Protect+, machine warranty extension.

Building of the new «large machine» assembly facility (KUHN MGM) in Monswiller.


KUHN NORTH AMERICA is born (merging of the activities of all North American locations under a unique entity) and extension of the Brodhead factory.

Management of spare parts on the KUHN PARTS platform with computer terminals “zero paper”.

1st machine assembled on the KUHN MGM site comes out of production on 22 may (INTEGRA seed drill).

Launching of the EUROMIX PLUS, mixer straw blower feeder.

Construction of a new logistics building in La Copechagnière

Creation of a subsidiary in Russia.

The first French manufacturer of crop protection sprayers BLANCHARD (Chéméré - 44) becomes part of the KUHN Group, adding a complete product range for agriculture, specialized cultivations and green spaces.

The KUHN Group completes its offer in hay and silage making equipment by adding balers, wrappers, drum mowers and maize choppers through the acquisition of the Kverneland Group Geldrop factory.

The KUHN Group wins the 2008 Swedish Steel Price for its innovative design that uses high tensile steel on the PRO-LONGER hedge and grass cutter.


The KUHN Group receives a regional trophy for its investment policy abroad and in particular for its establishment in Russia, with the creation of a distribution subsidiary.

KUHN creates, with 5 other agricultural machinery manufacturers, the association CCI (Competence Centre Isobus) and launches a new Isobus terminal (Gold medal at the Agritechnica 2009).

Transfer of the Spanish subsidiary to Huesca, in the new and more functional facilities.

Construction of a new receiving and shipping area on the site of Châteaubriant (44).


KUHN-METASA, the Brazilian unit of the Group becomes KUHN DO BRASIL.

KUHN purchases a farm of 100 ha located close to Saverne in order to carry out intensive equipment testing during their development.

Launching of the SEEDLINER Tour in Europe, to assert KUHN Group’s position in the seeding field.

Construction of a new powder paint facility on the site of Châteaubriant (44).

Start-up of new sand plants in the Saverne (France) and Passo Fundo (Brazil) foundries.

Integration of spare parts from the Geldrop (Baling-wrapping) and Chéméré (Spraying) factories to KUHN PARTS in Monswiller (67).

Investment in new storage structures (vertical lift).


The KUHN Group acquires a minority interest in the RAUCH Landmaschinenfabrik company, German manufacturer of pneumatic seed drills, fertilizer and salt/sand spreaders and reinforces their partnership started in 1967.

The KUHN Group acquires the KRAUSE Corporation, located in Kansas - USA, specialized in the manufacture of large width tillage tools.

Construction of a new building of approximately 5,000 m2 to house the KUHN Group subsidiary in Australia.

KUHN PARTS, the KUHN Group’s spare parts logistics platform celebrates its 10th anniversary.

The KUHN Group,

In 2012-2016, significant investments have been made on all the sites of the Group. KUHN has equipped itself with new means providing increased capacity, flexibility and competitiveness.

Furthermore, in 2014, KUHN announced one major acquisition: Montana in Brasil, one of the best specialist in spraying equipment.


Filing of building permits for the extension of KUHN PARTS (Monswiller), the construction of the training centre KUHN CENTER FOR PROGRESS (Monswiller) and the construction of the new center for the after-sales department KUHN PRODUCT SUPPORT (Monswiller).

6,200 m2 building extension in Hutchinson (Kansas - USA) for storing and cutting steel parts.

Construction begin of a new 5,500 m2 building dedicated to mechanized welding on a new industrial site of 16 ha in La Copechagnière (Vendée, France).

Construction of 2 new buildings (3,700 m2) to host cutting and welding work in Châteaubriant (Loire-Atlantique, France).

Opening of 2 new exclusive distribution centres in Prague (Czech Republic) and Nevsehir (Turkey) based on the principle of those already opened in Switzerland (2010) and Austria (2011).

10th anniversary of the KUHN Group company project (CAP 10 renamed ONE).

10th anniversary of the acquisition of KNIGHT in the United States.

Special award presented to KUHN S.A. for its customer relationship (survey of the Journal des entreprises and the Human Consulting Group).

The Geldrop facility (Netherlands) celebrates its 75th anniversary.

For the first time in its history, the KUHN Group net sales exceed one billion Euros (1,014 billion Euros).


Construction of a new 5,600 m2 storage and machining building in Passo Fundo.

Extension of the Geldrop factory - Phase 1 - with the construction of a new assembly hall of 16,500 m2.

3,700 m2 extension of the main production building in Brodhead (Wisconsin - USA).

Construction of the KUHN CENTER FOR PROGRESS (5,700 m2), the KUHN PRODUCT SUPPORT (2,300 m2) buildings and an extension to KUHN PARTS (6,400 m2)in Monswiller (Alsace, France).

Silver medal at the Agritechnica (Germany) and Gold medal at the Agribex (Belgium) for the very high density baler LSB 1290 iD, also elected « machine of the year » in Germany.

Creation of a subsidiary in Tianjin, China.

10th anniversary of our Spanish subsidiary KUHN IBERICA.

15th anniversary of our subsidiary in Poland.


The very high density baler LSB 1290 iD is awarded the « Novedad Tecnica » prize at the FIMA in Saragossa (Spain) and the « Novità Tecnica » at the EIMA in Bologna (Italy).

The KUHN Group acquires the company Montana Industria de Maquinas (Brazil) that is amongst the main manufacturers of self-propelled sprayers.

More than 2,500 persons have already attended technical or sales trainings at the KUHN CENTER FOR PROGRESS since its start-up in November 2013.

Extension of the machining and assembly facilities on the Geldrop site (Netherlands).

Acquisition of 10ha of neighbouring terrain and a building of 15,000m2 to allow future business development of the site in Brodhead (Wisconsin - USA).

The La Copechagnière (Vendée - France) factory celebrates its 20 years within the KUHN Group and inaugurates its new industrial site of 5,500 m2 dedicated to mechanized welding.

In Brazil, KUHN is awarded the Rio Grande do Sul state Export Prize as well as the Gold Award of « Premio Gerdau Melhores da Terra » for application rate precision of its mechanical precision seed drills.

3,000 m2 extension of the assembly building intended for soil preparation tool ranges, on the Châteaubriant (Loire Atlantique - France) site.

Launch of ONE AMBITION 2020, new step in the KUHN Group company project.


The new min-till seed drill ESPRO is elected « Machine of the year » (category « seed drills ») by a jury composed of journalists from the specialized press of 11 European countries.

Setting up of a new moulding line and new green sand silo for the foundry in Saverne (Bas-Rhin - France).

Construction of a new testing area (1 ha) with a circular track, an inside ring and banked bend for final sprayer control in Chéméré (Loire Atlantique - France).

The Chéméré (Loire Atlantique - France) factory implements a specific factory control system as part of the mandatory sprayer control.

1st Convention of the distribution network in Australia.

Start-up of 2 new packing lines at KUHN PARTS.

Building of a new paint facility and a new shipping hall on the Geldrop site (Netherlands).

KUHN S.A. wins the award for circular economy for its waste sorting and recycling policy.

Numerous distinctions for the new square bale wrapper SW4014 (Agritechnica, Agribex, Agroteknikk…).

Start-up of the fi rst robotized feeding system KUHN TKS in France.

The AXIS fertilizer spreader is awarded the AE50 award from the ASABE (American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers).

Start-up of a new paint facility of 6,300 m2 on the Brodhead site (Wisconsin – USA).


New visual identity for the machines of the KUHN Montana site (Brazil).

Launch of the construction work of the new Logistics Centre CLC for receipt, storage and preparation and distribution of components intended for assembly on the Saverne site (17 million Euro investment).

The SW 4014 wrapper and FC 3160 TLR trailed mower conditioner are awarded the AE50 award from the ASABE (American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers).

Distinction for the e-TWIN wrapping system at the FIMA exhibition in Zaragoza (Spain).

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