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/ Large square balers /

LSB 1290 D

With over 35 years of experience in large square baling, KUHN large square balers lead the industry with innovative features, simple designs with fewer moving parts and advanced electronics. Our goal is to develop machines that will boost the profitability of your operation.

Key features

  • Double Knotter

  • Power Density System

  • Integral Rotor Technology

  • Super Long, 10-Foot Bale Chamber

  • Simple, Heavy-Duty Driveline

Bale Chamber

The specially designed bale chamber of KUHN LSB machines has been developed over our long history working with large square balers. With the 10-foot-long bale chamber, there is plenty of resistence to form a rock-hard, square edged bale.

Power Density

The single feeder fork combines two functions into one mechanism, eliminating unneeded components and complexity. KUHN’s exclusive Power Density system runs at twice the speed of the plunger allowing up to one flake formed per plunger stroke. This creates consistent bale shape and excellent density.

/ Key benefits /

  • Trouble-Free Operation of Rasspe double knotter

  • Simple prechamber design for uniform flakes

  • Integrated rotor for even crop flow

  • high-Density, square-edged, rock-hard bales

  • fewest moving parts for outstanding reliability