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Gladiator strip till
Gladiator strip till


The New GLADIATOR® Precision Tillage System from Krause offers on-row conservation tillage, precise nutrient placement and non-stop seed bed conditioning for today's grower interested in managing input costs and increasing profitability. The innovative fixed frame toolbar and ST-PRO™ Row units that contour to ground surface conditons allow the shanks to consistently operate at the customer determined depth. This is more than just "strip-till" is precision nutirent and seed bed management!
gladiator strip till
gladiator strip till
Designed for tough residue situations, the ST-PRO™ Row Units develop a uniform residue-free strip with precise, consistent tillage depth control. Most important, these row units require no daily maintenance and no wrenches to make adjustments. Using PolyLube® bushings, which have a proven life in construction and agriculture applications, pivots are protected with composite self-lubricating material. ST-PRO™ S/R (spring reset) Row Units are available for rocky conditions and the independent shank trip provides a "no-skip", consistent berm for planting.
gladiator strip till
A 25" coulter is standard equipment on the ST-PRO™ and the down presure of the coulter can be adjusted from 460 lbs. to 660 lbs., depending on conditions. This coulter system offers continuous residue cutting through the life of the coulter, as compared to depth band coulters that vary cutting ability due to coulter wear or residue levels. Automatically Adjust - The floating 16" notched disc blades consistently clear residue from the strip, and are standard equipment. The floating feature of this row cleaner eliminates the need for field-to-field adjustment as it automatically adjusts to the contour of the soil - efficiently removing residue.
gladiator strip till
No Tools Required - Easy, wrenchless adjustments are all that is necessary to adjust shank depth (16-row machines can be adjusted in less than 5 minutes by one person). Shanks remove root zone compaction and promote water infiltration, deep root growth and early seedling development while maximizing plant nutrient placement in the field. The shanks have a depth range of 6" to 12" in 1" increments. The patented STRIK'R™ Soil Conditioner is specifically designed to break clods without destroying the berm utilizing innovative chain reel technology. Each 18" reel uses 10 individual chain sections which shed wet soil and residue to achieve a uniform seed bed without plugging.
gladiator strip till
Closing blades are designed to float, automaticallly adjusting to soil and residue conditions while capturing loosened soil to create a uniform berm. For tough soil conditions, the closing blades have a limited float setting, and an easy to adjust angle setting of 2, 10 or 18 degrees. The 18" wavy coulter blades are standard on the ST-PRO™, and 16" notched reverse disc blades are standard on the ST-PRO™ S/R Row Unit for continuous operation in rocky soils. The exclusive DROP ZONE™ Nutrient Placement system offers the flexibility of various fertilizer placement depths from field to field. Dependent on fertilizer product configuration (liquid, dry or gas), the range of fertilizer placement is 5" to 11" deep, with a minimum of 1.5" between products. This allows the operator to adjust the fertilizer depth independent of the shank operating depth - guessing where to weld fertilizer tubes is eliminated!
gladiator strip till

The GLADIATOR® product line makes available one of the most complete fertilizer offerings in the industry.  These designs are easy to operate, and provide great precision nutrient placement options for those growers desiring to apply dry or liquid fertilizer - with or without NH3.
Gladiator Montag side view

Dry fertilizer systems are manufactured by Montag Manufacturing, available through Krause, and feature an integrated 6-ton system for pull-type machines.



A 1,000 gallon liquid fertilizer tank is available from Krause for pull-type machines.

Gladiator Rear Montag

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