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1916 The year was 1916. Henry Krause built his first one-way disc plow in a small farm shop in Western Kansas. Designed to leave more residue on the soil surface to fight wind erosion, Henry Krause's one-way was the first Conservation tillage tool! His neighbors saw the plow and were impressed with its value as a special tool for their own farming conditions and asked Henry to build more.
1920 In the early 1920's Henry Krause's one-way business had outgrown his Western Kansas location and he purchased the Twin Wheel Windmill factory in Hutchinson, Kansas, about 35 miles northwest of Wichita. This location and facility enabled Henry Krause to expand his one-way plow business and fill the growing needs of America's farmers. And expand it did. During World War Two Krause was given a steel allotment and continued production of one-way plows to help America's farmers produce more efficiently. With a Krause one-way a farmer could till as many as 100 acres per day.

In the years after World War Two, Krause's business grew by leaps and bounds. In 1946 over 10,000 one-ways were produced and sold. 1947 saw this number increase to 15,000 plows. It was calculated that in 1947 Krause one-ways tilled over 19 million acres and helped produce 380 million bushels of wheat!

From that humble beginning in a small farm shop in Meade County, Kansas, Krause has grown into one of the world's top manufacturers of tillage equipment and grain drills. In 1988 Fortune Magazine listed Krause tillage equipment as among the 100 products that America makes best. Today Krause's modern production facility in Hutchinson, Kansas covers 40 acres with over 400,000 square feet of manufacturing space under roof. Krause Corporation., still under close family ownership, produces the largest selection of farm tillage equipment and grain drills of any short line manufacturer in the world. Krause products include, disc harrows, field cultivators, chisel plows, disc/coulter chisels, Landsman and Landstar one-pass finishers, row crop cultivators, no-till and minimum till grain drills and soil packers. In 1996, Krause celebrated its 80th year of manufacturing.

2000 Krause Corporation products are well recognized as the finest quality available. Krause. continues to lead the industry with innovative products that respond to the needs of today's modern agricultural producer. Our commitment is to provide our customers with the best equipment and service in the business.
2004 Successful introduction of the Dominator, a primary tillage tool that helps farmers incorporate residue into the soil and save time, fuel and fertilizer.
2010 Introduction of the Gladiator precision tillage system, a new development for the growing strip-till market. This new machine wins an “AE50” award from the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers for agricultural excellence for innovation and technology.
2011 The Excelerator vertical tillage system is introduced. This new machine also wins an “AE50” award from the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers. KUHN Group acquires Krause Corporation.

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