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GMD 3125 F and GMD 3525 F

New front-mounted disc mowers GMD 3125 F and GMD 3525 F

KUHN is expanding their range of front-mounted mowers with the new GMD 3125 F (3.10 m) and 3525 F (3.50 m) machines that have been added to the existing 2.80 m and 3.10 m models. Designed for solo operations or for use in combination with rear-mounted mowers up to 4.40 m or triple mowers, they can reach working widths of almost 10 m.

The new front GMD 3125 F and 3525 F are equipped with 2 rotating drums which keep the forage flow well-centered. The forage is delivered in one variable-width swath (up to 1.30 m) so it adapts to the width in between the tractor tyres.

Previously unseen kinematics provide vertical travel of nearly 70 cm: a real asset for ground following and great adaptation to different types of front tractor-lift systems.

LIFT CONTROL hydraulic suspension with adjustable pressure allows for fast adaptation to mowing conditions. This is a major advantage as low ground pressure protects plant cover, keeps fuel consumption down and reduces working-part wear. It also preserves the nutritional value of the forage by keeping out impurities.

These new front-mounted GMDs come with OPTIDISC maintenance-free cutter bars with different center-to-center distances, ensuring optimum quality mowing and forage ejection in any circumstances.

PROTECTADRIVE safety protects the mechanical parts should they come up against an obstacle. For reduced down-time and lower maintenance costs, they have, among other things, fast-fit knives, a maintenance-free cutter bar and safety system on the mower disc hubs.

FLEXPROTECT side guards are harder wearing, even if they hit an obstacle at the edge of the plot.

With these two new models, that provide a clean, nutritionally-rich forage harvest and preserve plant cover to enhance regrowth, KUHN now has 6 front-mounted disc mower models adapted to all types of farm (mountainous, flat) and all tractor types (low, medium and high-powered).

The GMD 3125 F and GMD 3525 F benefit from the technology, know-how and experience that KUHN, world leader in disc mowers, has gained over the past 50 years.

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