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PROFILE TMR Mixer Range - Two new “Extra-Low” Models

The Kuhn mixing and feeding machine range is expanding with the arrival of two new models in the PROFILE line: PROFILE 1270 and PROFILE 1370.

Following the 2010 launch of the new PROFILE TMR mixer design, the Kuhn Group is introducing 12 and 13 m3 models onto the market in 2014 by pushing the footprint envelope!

These compact double-auger vertical TMR mixers will offer farmers faced with the problem of sheds that are difficult to access the possibility of working with mixed rations in situations where 12 m3 single-auger vertical mixers come no lower than 3.00 metres at best!

The PROFILE 1270 and 1370 are characterised by their integrated-frame geometry and under-body tyre arrangement for tried-and-tested strength and reliability.

PROFILE 1270 and 1370 – machines suited to all buildings

  • Available in 12 and 13 m³ sizes for herds of 60 to 100 dairy cattle.
  • Compactness: overall machine height from 2.34 m for the 12 m3 model and 2.44 m for the 13 m3 model. The outside width of 1.84 m at the wheels is achieved thanks to the under-body wheel positions which means that farmers can now negotiate their narrow feeding passages safely without risk of damaging the machine or injuring their animals!
  • Fast cutting and mixing of all fodder (silage, hay, straw, haylage, etc.) thanks to the double vertical auger concept… For fibrous rations, these models can be optionally equipped with an overflow prevention ring.

PROFILE 1270 and 1370 – quality mixed rations and fuel savings
  • The mixing auger design with a double pitch on the final quarter-coil produces greater fodder expansion and, therefore, faster mixing.
  • The Kuhn KDW340 electronic weighing system is supplied on the entire range as standard. With this programmable unit, rations can be produced per head or per batch (with 200 memory positions – for example, 25 rations comprising eight ingredients).
  • Limited power requirement: with the so-called “narrow” body geometry and small auger diameter, considerably less power is required (tractors from just 75 HP).

PROFILE 1270 and 1370 – feeding on demand
  • For quick feeding regardless of the proportion of fibre in the ration, the discharge door design offers plenty of width (1200 mm).
  • The ration is delivered as standard via a feed chute at the front right-hand side of the machine.
  • Optionally, for farmers who wish to customise their feeding equipment, the PROFILE 1270 and 1370 can be fitted with a chute front left, on both sides, in the rear centre or rear left and/or right. For feed troughs, these models can also accommodate an 800 mm or 1100 mm tilting PVC conveyor belt to raise the discharge height.
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