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Primor 4260 M cut control


The performance of a straw blower and all-fodder feeder with the added bonus of controlled cutting!

In the second half of 2014, a new model will be boosting the ranks of the PRIMOR straw blower and feeder range: PRIMOR 4260 M CUT CONTROL.
Farmers’ needs are changing in terms of:
    • Straw cutting: the cubicles associated with exercise areas with slatted flooring require finer straw calibration.
    • Bedding cost: the sawdust used in cubicles or landless livestock buildings is becoming unaffordable (a phenomenon amplified with the development of new forms of energy).
    • Fuel savings: numerous farmers equipped with fibrous ration mixers are resorting to cutting the strands before incorporating them into the mix.
PRIMOR 4260 M CUT CONTROL – first and foremost, the performance of a straw blower & feeder!
    • With its 4.2 m³ body capacity, the PRIMOR 4260 M CUT CONTROL can take cubic bales up to 2.70 m long or two round bales 2.00 m in diameter.
    • The PRIMOR 4260 M CUT CONTROL also stands out from the field by its exceptional body width (1.65 m), enabling farmers to use all round bales up to 1.50 m wide. Loading is also facilitated by the rear opening in the body. Reversing manoeuvres with the loading tailgate are easier.
    • Equipped with a large turbine wheel, the machine is capable of projecting straw up to 17 m on the right-hand side – identical to a traditional straw blower.
    • Its all-fodder beater (equipped with eight discs fitted with sections) is driven by the patented POLYDRIVE belt system. The PRIMOR 4260 M CUT CONTROL can therefore be used to distribute long-fibre products such as hay and haylage.

The PRIMOR 4260 M CUT CONTROL therefore offers the same advantages as a straw blower and all-fodder feeder system for farmers looking to put down bedding and feed long-fibre fodder.

CUT CONTROL – a Kuhn-patented device!
The CUT CONTROL function has been developed on this new machine to fulfil several objectives:
    • The power to adjust strand calibration at will: three counter-knives are positioned at the top of the turbine, including one with hydraulic adjustment. Farmers can therefore adjust the length of cut as needed (for example, long straw used in deep litter systems for heifers and chopped straw in cubicles for dairy cattle).
    • Even cutting: the eight blades on the turbine wheel are equipped alternately with five and six knives. Strands are cut precisely and homogeneously (70% of straw strands calibrated to less than 5 cm in chopping mode).
    • Ventilation in “no cut” mode. As indicated above, farmers in search of versatility often need to project uncut straw further than 15 metres. For this purpose, the turbine wheel is fitted with stub blades between each knife. When the hydraulic counter-knife is completely raised, the stub blades and knives recreate the geometry of a full blade. This system guarantees optimum ventilation.
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