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The new GA 3801 GM single-rotor rake and GA 6501 P new mounted twin-rotor rake

We now offer specifically for livestock and mixed operations the new mounted Gyrorakes GA 3801 GM and GA 6501 P with one and two rotors, respectively.

The new GA 3801 GM single-rotor rake

The GA 3801 GM joins the KUHN range of single-rotor rakes replacing the GA 3501 GM which has been highly appreciated by users for its reliability for years.

To compare it to its predecessor, the GA 3801 GM has an extra tine per arm, bringing rotor diameter up to 2.98m, and working width to 3.80m. This larger size makes its work output perfectly suitable to most medium sized farms.

As on the models of larger width, the GA 3801 GM is fitted with double curved arms. This principle facilitates forming airy windrows to allow for a faster drying and increases the tine clearance. This design also enables reducing the distance between each tine passage and thus ensures raking of all the forage for optimized outputs.

Its swivel headstock has an angular displacement of almost 30° to provide great operating comfort on bends and ensure well calibrated windrows, easy to pick-up, with no damage done to plant cover for promoting regrowth.

The largely dimensioned tyres and wheel position closest to the tines ensure perfect ground following which contributes to producing highly nutritional forage without impurities consequently increasing the herd’s productivity.

Removable arms reduce tool width to a mere 1.75m, which means less space required for winter storage and easier passage on narrow paths.

The windrow curtain is parallelogram-mounted providing operating comfort and making it possible to position it suitably according to desired windrow width.

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New mounted twin-rotor rake: the GA 6501 P
Mounted model with 2 rotors, the GA 6501 P Gyrorake is the ideal tool for users requiring the manoeuvrability of a mounted model with the high work output of a twin-rotor rake.

Working width is easily adjustable from 5.55m to 6.40m to produce windrows from 1.05m to 2m that are always adapted to the pick-up machine that follows the raking operation.

The combination of fixed headstock with swivel rotor wheels ensures machine stability even on slopes (windrows remain straight and easy to collect), and no damage to plant cover when turning which will facilitate regrowth.

3D suspension and 4 wheels per rotor contribute to close ground hugging for good quality pick-up including in difficult conditions. These characteristics combined with the largely dimensioned tyres and the positioning of the wheels closest to the tines allow harvesting highly nutritional forage without impurities for increased herd productivity.

Set to windrow passage position by simple activation of the hydraulic valve from the tractor cab, no need to intervene on tractor lift. The rotors rise up to provide generous ground clearance for passage over windrows without causing them damage. Work is achieved with great comfort!

Set to work/transport position without getting down from the tractor to simplify the move from one plot to another.

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