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New KUHN basic model disc mowers GMD 16, GMD 20, GMD 24 and GMD 28

KUHN basic model disc mowers have been renewed with the arrival of the GMD 16 – 20 – 24 and 28, featuring respective working widths of 1.60m, 2m, 2.40m and 2.80m.

These disc mowers now come with the 100 Series cutter bar with PROTECTADRIVE safety.

This range is designed for small or medium-sized farms wanting to invest in a simple, reliable product which will allow them to harvest clean highly nutritional forage, without re-cutting it and to preserve the sward for faster regrowth.

For optimized service life and improved resistance to high constraints , the GMD 16 – 20 – 24 and 28 are fitted with the same main tools (cutter bar – discs, skids…) as the models of the 100 series mower range.

The beveled knives with bolt attachment, the oval-shaped discs with converging rotation, the small distance between the compact cutter bar and the rear tractor wheels as well as the suspension spring, all these features contribute to producing highly nutritional forage without impurities which increases the herd’s productivity.

For increased safety and to prevent from any contact with the ground, the swath board has been replaced with a swath wheel. The tractor right wheels do not roll over the mown forage.
The lateral cutter bar articulation allows good ground following even when mowing on embankments and ditches.

Should the cutter bar hit an obstacle, a safety break-back causes the mower to shift rearwards thus highly reducing damage risks.

The GMD 10 series benefits from the technology, know-how and experience accumulated by KUHN over nearly 60 years.

Download the press release (PDF)

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