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New trailed mower conditioners FC 2860 – FC 3160 – FC 3560 – FC 4060

KUHN has renewed its range of trailed mower conditioners adding new models which distinguish themselves by their name ending with « 60 »; the FC 2860, FC 3160, FC3560, and FC 4060 featuring working widths of 2.67 m to 4.00 m.

If the FC 2860 version only comes with side drawbar and the FC 4060 only with central drawbar, the 2 intermediate models FC 3160 and FC 3560 making up the core of the range, are available in both side and central pull version.

They are all fitted as standard with the GYRODINE headstock which ensures that the primary pto-shaft is always in line.

They are also equipped with the OPTIDISC cutter bar, a cutting unit which is characterized by the uneven distance between disc centres. This feature provides increased crop ejection where the discs converge and a narrower distance between disc centres where the discs diverge to increase the recut area and thus the quality of cut.

Conditioning is made by a rotor fitted with pivoting steel finger which at work are in a slightly trailing position. This improves the forage take-up and travel speed by reducing the power consumption especially in heavy, long or down crops.
The conditioning intensity is adjusted either by the position of the adjustable deflector plate or by simply operating the selector lever ((2 drive speeds available: 780 and 1000 min-1). A torque limiter POSIGUARD, placed directly on the rotor end protects the rotor and the drive in case of an large object entering the machine. A roller version, more specifically intended for farmers producing mainly alfalfa or large stem forages (sorghum,…) is also available.

Particular care has been given to the forage delivery on the ground:
• the forage flows through a conditioning casing linked to the frame : this way the swath delivery is independent from the cutter bar movement and thus more regular.
• whether delivering a single swath, spreading the forage over the whole machine width to avoid tedding or grouping 2 swaths for easier pick-up, these new mower conditioners are highly versatile.

The mowing unit suspension is continuously ensured by torsion bars over a high travel range. Sward and forage are preserved. The very large dimensioned wheels (in width and diameter) reduce pull power requirement and ground pressure.

The cutting height adjustment is centralized and easily carried out.

The position of the frame, wheels and drawbar pivot points provide excellent stability of these new mower conditioners when turning especially on slopes.

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