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3 years ago, KUHN expanded its hay making range with the RW and SW bale wrapper series with great history. With a full range from round bale and square bale wrappers, KUHN is able to offer you the bale wrapper adapted to the job. Special attention goes out to the new RW 1600 C round bale wrapper with integrated ,,AUTOLOAD function’’.

This trailed self-loading turntable wrapper is capable of wrapping round bales up to 120 cm x 100-150 cm (width x diameter).

The new KUHN RW 1600 C round bale wrapper meets your demands and expectations in terms of:

    Strong low design: thanks to its low strong design with low table height and standard large wheels located at the rear, there is no need for an active fall damper. This saves extra process steps and the bale can also be unloaded on the go. This increases the overall capacity significantly. Further the RW 1600 C can load the heaviest bales up to 1200kg, always with weight transfer towards the tractor. This avoids slippage and grip problems in hilly circumstances .

    Electronics: the completely new electronics, results in increased functionality, ergonomics, safety and capacity.
    User friendly interface in line with the Kuhn Baler range. Easy full automatic and controlled computer system with integrated joystick. Play/Pause function. Process can be interrupted and started anytime in the total process. Full control of the process which prevents operator mistakes leading to damages of the wrapper. With the new standard ,,AUTOLOAD function’’ the operator can fully concentrate on driving as the wrapping process is automatically started after the bale has been detected in the loading arm. Picking up a second bale with the loading arm during the wrapping process for transport is possible. A new film detection system is standard on each RW 1600 C model and the new radio frequency high distance safety remote control with battery pack belongs to the optional equipment.

    Excellent cost efficient wrapping: by introducing the new RW 1600 C model with ,,AUTOLOAD function’’, greater management and control is achieved. The RW 1600 C features the well known 750 mm aluminium pre-stretchers with cone-shaped outer ends, automatic film cutter and storage for up to 6 spare film rolls. Depending on local circumstances, crop conditions and storage periods the operator simply adjusts the quantity of requested film layers into the terminal. The film is standard 70% pre-stretched leading to excellent distribution of the film applied on the bale with further film savings.

    Capacity: the optimized processes achieved by the RW 1600 C with integrated ,,AUTO LOAD function’’ has increased overall loading, wrapping capacity and efficiency.

    Useful options: bale turning device, or RF remote control for static wrapping belongs to the list of options to upgrade your RW 1600 C for maximum flexibility!
Besides the RW 1600 C KUHN offers the RW 1600 also available as M-model with semi-automatic operation or a new J-model with direct Joystick control. Kuhn offers the most complete and versatile range of individual wrappers available on the market.

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