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Kuhn At Tillage 2007

The latest addition to Kuhn’s Combiliner range, the pneumatic Venta NC, is a high-speed combination designed with the versatility to drill into ploughed or unploughed land.

Available in 3 and 4 metre working widths and combining the established Venta pneumatic drill technology with the latest HR1003 series power harrow, this new model is a significant departure from earlier combinations.

The Venta NC draws on direct drilling technology developed in the successful SD range, with a coulter bar comprising steeply offset double-discs on a parallelogram linkage providing the penetration for high speed drilling into hard soil surfaces. A 35cm clearance between the two rows of discs assists operations in cloddy or trashy soil conditions. The relative position of the guide wheels and the independent movement of each seeding unit ensure constant and accurate seeding depth. Both seeding depth and the ground pressure of the seeding units are centrally adjustable.

A substantial 2000 litre hopper with easy loading access complements the Venta NC’s high-speed drilling capability, reducing down-time for loading and potentially avoiding the need to transport seed to the field on a separate trailer.

The combination is designed with the seed drill independent from the power harrow. This assists drilling accuracy by avoiding vibrations being transmitted from the cultivation tool to the coulter bar, with the coulter bar remaining in a constant position even if the roller setting is changed. The coulter bar can be lifted out of work hydraulically, allowing the power harrow to operate independently.

The Venta NC combination has a compact design, to improve stability both in work and in transport. This is achieved by positioning both the hopper and the power harrow roller in relatively forward positions, whilst seeding elements are constructed of treated steel to reduce weight.

Seed distribution is operated via the Quantron S electronic control box. This allows various functions, such as adjustment of seeding rate on the move, monitoring of distribution cut-off, and field management recording for up to 200 fields.

Tine drill offers higher output with reduced fuel use

A new tine coulter pneumatic seed drill from Kuhn offers higher work rates and lower fuel consumption, and further expands the choice within its UK range, says the company.

The Megant, which was first exhibited at SIMA 2007, comes in six working widths from 4 – 6 metres (4.0, 4.5, 4.8, 5.0, 5.6, and 6.0) and uses the highly successful Venta metering system with a 1700 litre hopper as standard.

Suited to minimum cultivation or for rapid sowing in heavy and rocky soil, the Megant incorporates a patented tine-fixing design that ensures good penetration and a constant seeding depth. When it meets a large obstacle, the tine has a vertical clearance of almost 20cm, and tine placement in 4 rows makes drilling easier even where there is heavy plant residue.

The blower is powered by the Megant’s independent hydraulic circuit using a pump connected directly to the tractor. This facilitates Kuhn’s Vario-Drive feature, which allows constant seeding rate at varying PTO speeds (from 750 to 1000rpm), adding further opportunities for fuel economy.

Three in one stubble cultivator offers broad-spectrum min-till solution

Kuhn’s new Cultimer 300 stubble cultivator extends the company’s minimum tillage range, offering soil loosening, levelling and pressing across the full width of the machine in a single pass.

Currently available in a 3m working width format, the Cultimer combines three rows of blade tines, a set of levelling discs, and a roller press. Generous underbeam clearance of 80cm reduces the risk of blockages and the machine has a broad working depth range, from 5 – 30 cm.

Tines are fitted with deflectors to ensure soil is worked across the full width of the machine, and it is possible to remove them and/or modify tine spacing for deeper working, for example. Beam protection is facilitated through a double spring safety system on each tine.

Working depth is set by the combined adjustment of the levelling discs and the 105kg/m T-ring roller.





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