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BP 8300 Multi-purpose shredder

The range of multi-purpose shredders BP grows with the new large width foldable model BP 8300. With a working width of 8.30 m and designed on the basis of a 3 shredder combination, the BP 8300 will meet requirements of farms, contractors and machinery cooperatives needing a high work output shredder.

A shredder fitted with the LIFT CONTROL® technology: a KUHN exclusive

    1. Shredding units with ground pressure reduction system

To reduce the ground pressure and mechanical stress on the structure, the BP 8300 is equipped with a hydro-pneumatic ground pressure reduction system of the side shredding units. During manoeuvres, this device also allows lifting the side units without using the tractor lift.
The BP 8300 is also the only shredder on the market to feature a pendulum type articulation of the shredding units. This technology ensures a perfect ground following whatever the working conditions.
    2. A 100 % secure machine!

With such a working width, it is essential that the shredding units are fitted with safety devices ensuring the structure’s protection should it hit an obstacle. Therefore, the BP 8300 is equipped with a non-stop hydraulic safety on each side arm. For maximum safety efficiency, when the shredding unit moves rearwards, the ground pressure is reduced.

High performance shredding units

The BP 8300 will easily handle most of plant residues. Intermediate cultivations (mustard, phacelia…) corn, set-aside land will be shredded efficiently by the 465 mm diameter rotors which benefit from the helical tool layout. To adjust the shredding fineness or to adapt to the working conditions, the shredding units are fitted with a hood with adjustable opening.
Each unit features a Ø 220 mm roller with removable ends for precise shredding height control.

High performance drive

Designed for intensive work, the drive of the shredding units is ensured:
    - By 152 kW / 207 hp central gearbox with built-in free wheel.
    - By side drives with reduced maintenance (50 hours).
    - By 5 belts on each unit with automatic tensioning device.

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