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What's new?

24/02/2015The min-till seed drill ESPRO is Machine of the year 2015!
The "Machine of the year" contest is organized in odd years by Terre-Net at the SIMA. The jury is composed of journalists from 11 European countries.
22/02/2015The SIMA 2015 live!
Sunday 22 February 2015 at Paris-Nord Villepinte, Stéphane Le Foll, Minister of Agriculture, Agrofood and Forestry, inaugurated the 76th edition of the SIM
07/03/2014PRO-LONGER GII Telescopic
Just the extra height you needed
The new training centre located in Alsace, at the centre of Europe.
24/02/2014COMBILINER SITERA: tests passed with flying colours
The DLG, a German independent organization specialized in agriculture, tested the COMBILINER SITERA 3000 thoroughly. Its goal: evaluate the quality of work.
23/01/2014Visit us on our Facebook page!
You wish to keep up with the latest news of the KUHN Group internationally?
15/01/2014KUHN Group Announces Management Changes
Michel SIEBERT, President & CEO of KUHN Group announced his retirement...
2014.01.15.KG.Press Release.pdf
19/12/2013TT 3500 – TT 6500 : In the hopper family, ask for the trailed version!
TT trailed hoppers have been developed for seed or fertilizer transport and metering.
13/12/2013CSC 6000 : Combine seeding quality and high work output
With the CSC 6000 seeding combination, KUHN does not depart from its reputation and offers a machine with 6.00 m working width that perfectly combines seeding quality, work output and reliability. Coupled with a TF 1500 front hopper, it becomes your ally whether on min-tilled or ploughed land.
28/11/2013KUHN: partner for sustainable agriculture
High energy prices force farmers to save on fuel. Indeed, fuel represents on average 15 % of the mechanization costs. KUHN, partner for sustainable agriculture, offers equipment aiming at reducing or controlling energy needs.
save on fuel.pdf
15/11/2013The LSB 1290 ID baler elected machine of the year!
After having been awarded the silver medal by the Jury of the Agritechnica Innovation Awards...
LSB 1290 iD English.pdf
21/10/2013New shredder WS 320 BIO
New shredder WS 320 BIO : a new way of harvesting energy crops
17/10/2013New large width shredder: BP 8340
Think big, shred finely with the BP 8340! KUHN has widened its range of large width shredders by adding the BP 8340.
11/10/2013New GA 8030
First pictures online
03/10/2013For the first time on our site…
Pictures of the 6500 Trailed Hopper!
We are very proud to announce that the new LSB baler was awarded a Silver Medal for Innovation at the Agritechnica.
23/09/2013New GA 6620: functional and manoeuverable
New GA 6620: functional and manoeuverable One or two windrow delivery, windrow turning, night windrows: the GA 6620 rake is a particularly flexible machine.
20/09/2013New GA 8731 and GA 9531
New GA 8731 and GA 9531: Ideal for intensive work with silage, hay or straw.
20/09/2013New side delivery GA 8030
New side delivery GA 8030: innovations not to be missed!
18/09/2013New Gyrorake with 4 rotors : GA 13131
If you’re looking for high work output, you’ll be surprised by the new GA 13131 Gyrorake!
18/09/2013New feature in the multipurpose shredder range: BP series 10
New feature in the multipurpose shredder range: BP series 10 The BP series 10 is designed for shredding grassland and pasture.
03/06/2013Find on our website : DISCOLANDER XM
Discover this new vertical folding X-type crop cultivator
08/03/2013SIMA 2013 : Revive once more the best moments!
The SIMA 2013 has been an especially valuable event for KUHN. We are grateful for the direct exchange we were able to have with the farmers
25/02/2013Openning of the SIMA 2013
Inaugurated of the75th edition of the SIMA (Salon International du Machinisme Agricole)
25/02/2013KUHN SIMA LIVE
The interactive, live SIMA 2013 experience with KUHN SIMA LIVE!
07/02/2013Precision seeding : Order concerning the use of seeds treated with insecticide.
Within the context of environmental protection, new regulations have been introduced for seeding with a pneumatic precision seed drill.
25/10/2012The SEEDLINER Tour in the Czech Republic
KUHN, the seeding expert, went to meet dealers, importers and farmers in Central Europe. The Czech Republic SEEDLINER Tour held from 1st to 4th October was devoted to soil preparation and seeding techniques.
04/01/2011MULTI-LONGER GII 5051 P - 5551 P - 5551 SP
To meet the needs of a wide range of users, three different models of MULTI-LONGER GII are available.
04/01/2011POLY-LONGER 5050 PA
The Kuhn Group has developed the POLY-LONGER 5050 PA to complement its MULTI-LONGER range.
20/05/2009Presentation of Kuhn Balers - Grassland 2009
Kuhn took advantage of the Grassland 2009 event which took place in the United Kingdom to organize a demonstration of balers at work.
05/02/2009ProSpread PS 150 and 160 Box Spreaders
Kuhn North America, Inc., of Brodhead, Wisconsin, introduces the new PS 150 and 160 ProSpread® box Spreaders. These models set the new standard for reliability and spreading performance to meet the changing needs of livestock producers
PS150-160 Press Release.pdf
14/01/2009New VSL Series Models
New VSL Series Models
VSL PR209 logo.pdf
19/12/2008Acquisition of the baler division of KVERNELAND Group
KUHN group, leader in the field of hay and forage harvesting, livestock, feeding and bedding machinery and tillage, planting and seeding equipment, announces the acquisition of the baler division of Kverneland Group with its factory located in Geldrop, Netherlands...
2008-12-19 Press release GB.pdf
03/09/2008Krienke finds forage equipment that meets Mother Nature's unpredictability
“I wanted something that I could chop or bale behind,” he said. “It had to do a good job of raking for dry hay and still be able to allow us to chop behind. There is versatility in its usage.”
03/09/2008Kuhn Primor 2060 M Allows Mattson to Save on Materials, Expenses
“Because of the more uniform spread, we probably use, conservatively, one-third less straw then what we did before,”
11/06/2008New from KUHN at Cereals 2008
New from KUHN at Cereals 2008
23/05/2008New high capacity tedders launched by KUHN at Grassland 2008
New high capacity tedders launched by KUHN at Grassland 2008
23/05/2008KUHN manure spreader at Muck 2008
KUHN manure spreader at Muck 2008
23/05/2008Mower conditioner for reverse drive tractors offers speed and efficiency in grass cutting
Mower conditioner for reverse drive tractors offers speed and efficiency in grass cutting
09/04/2008Farmer Compliments Kuhn Gyrorake
“We had kind of an awful year for making hay in 2007 because of weather conditions and other issues,” said Troyer. “But I think we made better hay because of the Gyrorake.
09/04/2008Kuhn Knight Manure Spreaders Vital
“It’s been a really good business,” Spaur says. “With everything going organic, more and more people are trying to get away from commercial fertilizers, so it’s been a very good market for us the past couple of years.”
09/04/2008Good Equipment Crucial
“Expensive horses are picky about what they eat and their owners are even worse,” Neubauer said jokingly, but he admitted that is important for them to deliver the best hay possible to those customers.
03/04/2008Growing stubble cultivation range from Kuhn
Growing stubble cultivation range from Kuhn
01/04/2008New maize drilling options from Kuhn
New maize drilling options from Kuhn
26/03/2008Upgrade to Kuhn Merge Maxx 300
“It’s competitively priced and saves a lot of time,” he says. “It speeds up the entire process of harvesting considerably.”
05/03/2008Hay Producer Likes "Good Equipment"
One of his sons told him the only reason he has to stop and get off that FC 283 TG mower conditioner is to “go to the bathroom.”
15/02/2008Mixer Saves Money on Feed Costs
“With increases in fuel prices, it’s nice to have some savings,” Weber says. “ “I think the machine will pay for itself in a couple years just in feed savings alone."
04/02/2008Kuhn North America
On January 1, 2008, Kuhn’s two U.S. companies, Kuhn Farm Machinery, Inc. (the North American marketing and distribution arm of Kuhn Group) and Kuhn Knight, Inc. (the manufacturing company) merged to create Kuhn North America, Inc.
03/01/2008Raking in the Benefits
“It’s a really good machine – gentle on the crop. It doesn’t rake ‘garbage’ into the swath,” says Ron of their Kuhn rotary rake,
18/12/2007High Capacity Salt and Sand Spreader Makes Light Work of Winter Road Maintenance
A new mounted salt and sand spreader with a maximum load capacity of 1800kg extends Kuhn Farm Machinery’s range of machines for winter road, yard and car park maintenance.
27/11/2007New EasySpread Box Spreaders
Kuhn North America introduces the new 1212, 1215, 1219, 1224 and 1230 EasySpread box spreader models.
1200 EasySpread Literature.pdf





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