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18/12/2007Independent disc stubble cultivator OPTIMER series 1002
Anxious to offer tools which meet the new economic and agronomic requirements of global agriculture, KUHN is developing its range of independent disc stubble cultivators and unveiling the OPTIMER 1002.
OPTIMER 1002 Independant disc stubble cultivator.pdf
19/11/2007Versatile spreaders for winter use AXEO® 18.1
As a complement to their range of spreaders for winter road work, KUHN now offers the AXEO® 18.1.
AXEO 18.1 Versatile spreaders for winter use.pdf
09/11/2007TRP 120 RT and TRP 145 RT over-ground shredders with vine shoot collector
With KUHN's new TRP 120 RT and TRP 145 RT over-ground shredders you can use the shredded vine shoots and prunings as fuel. It also provides an effective way to combat disease in the wood by removing prunings from among the vines.
Over ground shredders TRP RT.pdf
29/10/2007GA 7501 Gyrorake with central delivery
KUHN completes its range of large capacity gyrorakes with central delivery, with the GA 7501, specifically designed for medium sized farms looking for a rake with high working speed, which is also easy to use, compact and manoeuvrable.
GA 7501 Gyrorake with central delivery.pdf
22/10/2007Compact frontal disc mowers GMD 2802 F / GMD 3120 F COMPACT
KUHN’s offer in terms of front mounted mowers is completed with the arrival of the GMD 2820 F and GMD 3120 F COMPACT, a new range which has been specially developed for use on very uneven ground as well as for specialist low-power tractors.
GMD 2820F GMD3120F Compact front disc mowers.pdf
16/10/2007MODULINER® HR 6003ML Combination seed drill
For large farms and contractors, KUHN now offers the MODULINER concept.
MODULINER HR6003 ML Combination seed drill.pdf
16/10/2007MODULINER® ML 2800 SOLO In-line seed drill
For large cereal or mixed farming farms, KUHN also offers a seed drill with a working width of 6m, providing large capacity and designed for fast drilling: the MODULINER® ML ML2800 SOLO.
MODULINER ML2800 SOLO In-line seed drill.pdf
11/10/2007Trailed disc mowers with side drawbar GMD 283 TG and GMD 313 TG
These trailed disc mowers with side drawbar, previously only available in “with conditioner” versions, join the Kuhn range. These models feature a working width of 2.80 m (GMD 283 TG) and 3.11 m (GMD 313 TG).
GMD 283 GMD 313 TG Trailed disc mowers En.pdf
04/10/2007GA 6520 Gyrorake with side delivery
KUHN completes its range of semi-mounted, side delivery Gyrorakes with the GA 6520, specifically designed for stock breeders seeking a manoeuvrable, versatile machine capable of a high output.
GA 6520 Gyrorake En.pdf

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