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Key features

Integral rotor technology ensures a controlled crop flow from pick-up to pre chamber.
Result: Even filling of the pre chamber is the basis of a well shaped high quality bale.

Power density pre chamber feeding allows the perfect pre formation of wads in all types of crop and working speeds.

Rock hard well shaped bales, the system is independent from swath size and tractor forward speed.

Creating the perfect bale
One of the last steps in creating a perfect bale is the knot. With the knotting options on your KUHN LSB you can be sure of a reliable and secure knotting system that meets your requirements.

TWIN STEP Knotting
The unique TWIN STEP knotting system compromises a single knotter and smart system that releases the twine tension during the knotting cycle. The result is a secure, easy to adjust knotting system.

Double Knotting
The LSB D models are equipped with a double knotting system. With the electronic knotter control, the driver has accurate information concerning twine tension at all times and receives an alarm in case of risk. The knotting progress can be monitored directly from
the tractor cab.

Overall result of the three mentioned systems, protected with a Kuhn patent
Excellent working capacity in combination with perfect bale shape and a high bale density. All achieved with unique and reliable KUHN techniques, which ensure a low tractor power requirement and minimise maintenance costs. For more information about the Large Square Balers see LSB leaflet.

The LSB baler range can be combined with a CBB 200 pre-chopper which achieves a very fine crop cut of about 2cm.
The CBB 200 pre-chopper has a specific design that matches the capacity and machine characteristics of the LSB baler range. With this combination, you will be able to produce an even higher quality baled product.

Discover the CBB 200 >>

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