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Key features

Integral rotor technology ensures a controlled crop flow from pick-up to pre chamber.
Result: Even filling of the pre chamber is the basis of a well shaped high quality bale.

Power density pre chamber feeding allows the perfect pre formation of wads in all types of crop and working speeds.

Result: Rock hard well shaped bales, the system is independent from swath size and tractor forward speed.

TWIN-STEP® Knotting system combines the advantages of single and double knotting systems. The twine is tension free during knotting as a result of the TWIN-STEP technique. Result: Perfect and trouble free knotting performance.

Overall result of the three mentioned systems, protected with a Kuhn patent: Excellent working capacity in combination with perfect bale shape and a high bale density. All achieved with unique and reliable KUHN techniques, which ensure a low tractor power requirement and minimise maintenance costs. For more information about the Large Square Balers see LSB leaflet.

Remark: The LSB 1270 and 1290 can be combined with a pre chopper which achieves a very fine crop cut of about 2cm, resulting in a 10% higher bale density when baling in straw or energy crops.





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