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The i-BIO (Bale In One) is a compact and light-weight bale-and-wrap combination with an overall weight from as low as 3.495 tonnes. After the baling and binding process has completed, the upper part of the bale chamber opens and the high-speed wrapping ring takes care of the wrapping process. This dual process minimises bale transfer and eliminates the risk of unwanted bale expansion and crop loss.

The KUHN i-BIO meets the most stringent demands:

Thanks to the compact and light-weight design, soil compaction is kept to a minimum. In addition there is no need for a powerful tractor even on hilly ground. The i-BIO is therefore perfect for hilly conditions and is highly manoeuvrable for use in smaller fields with narrow access gates.

The KUHN i-BIO is ISOBUS compatible. ISOBUS compatible tractors will therefore not require a separate terminal for the baler. Alternatively, KUHN offers two different terminals: VT 50 and the CCI 100.

Intake performance
The 230cm wide pick-up features a standard short crop roller in combination with a restyled Integral Rotor which provides increased intake capacity.

Crop cutting
Standard equipment on the i-BIO is a newly designed cutting device with increased cutting performance and a DROP-FLOOR ensuring fast and easy clearance when a blockage occurs. Two different spring secured cutting units are available: the OPTICUT 14 (14 knives) and the OPTICUT 23.

The binding cycle is a critical step in the baling process. Less time spent binding means higher efficiency and productivity. KUHN has placed the net binding unit at the front of the baler. This gives the baler operator a clear view of the whole binding, wrapping and unloading process.

Excellent wrapping
The i-BIO uses KUHN’s IntelliWrap™ system to give improved control of the wrapping process. IntelliWrap™ uses sophisticated electronics and hydraulics to monitor the wrapping process and continuously controls the film overlap, allowing total flexibility. Depending on local circumstances, crop conditions and storage periods, the operator simply adjusts the amount of requested film layers (4,5,6,7,8,9…) into the terminal by the push of a button.

The restyled intake system, IntelliWrap™ technology and ISOBUS control terminal allow for increased productivity - the high-speed wrapping ring is capable of applying 50 layers per minute.

Useful features
The i-BIO uses KUHN’s 750mm aluminium pre-stretchers with cone-shaped outer ends. It features a half-speed kit to finish bales with only one film roll as well as storage for up to 6 spare film rolls. A wide choice of large wheels provides the option to minimise soil compaction.





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